Our 3 Favorite Features of the new Gmail.

This week, Gmail was updated with a brand new version introducing several new features.  At first glance, much of Gmail may seem the same as the previous version however with a close eye, you will notice several important updates.  Here are three new features I am excited about.

Gmail and Calendar and Keep1) Full Integration with Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Tasks

One of the most requested features from Gmail users was a better integration with other Google Apps.  In the new version of Gmail, you will see on the far right three icons representing Calendar, Keep, and Tasks.  These buttons allow you to quickly see your daily activities, take notes that can be imported in other Google Apps, and create tasks to remind you of things important to you.

2) Quickly archive, trash, mark as unread, and snooze emails.

Gmail Quick Buttons

Another new feature of Gmail is the ability to SNOOZE your emails.  Snooze allows you ask an email message to disappear and come back at a later date or time.  For example, let's say that you receive an email at 9:00 AM and you want it to be on the top of your inbox when you get home at 5:00 PM.  Traditionally, this email would get buried under the days emails… however, with Snooze, that email will now reappear in your inbox at the top exactly as you get home.

3) Visible Attachments for emails in your inbox

Gmail Visible Attachments

For as long as Gmail has been around, an attachment in your inbox has been represented by a very tiny paperclip icon.  In the new version of Gmail, you have the ability to view your attachments as visible icons that tell you exactly what type of file is associated with that email.

What do you think about the new Gmail?

As Gmail gets fully rolled out and even newer features are added to the platform, we will bring you our thoughts and updated tutorials to help you tame your inbox no matter how many emails you receive each day.

What do you think of the new version of Gmail? Was it everything you were hoping for and more? Please leave a comment below.

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