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I was recently working with a group of teachers and they had asked a question about maximizing the desktop space on their Windows 10 machines.  One of the things we learned together is that there are several possibilities for conserving digital real estate for your content creation. In this post, we will look at a feature of Windows 10 called “Snapping”.

This feature allows users to quickly “snap” their windows to various places on the screen to provide multi-windowed or multi-application lessons that will allow you to quickly focus on the content and not on shifting web browsers back and forth and save you valuable time each day.  The best part of this feature is that is works wonderfully with your interactive boards and displays.

Maximize Your Windows

Where many might look to the top left or right of your application boxes to find the minimize/maximize options, in Windows 10, simply drag the application window to the top of the screen and watch it “snap” into full-screen mode. To minimize the window click on the top of the screen and drag down to “snap” it back into a smaller sized window.

Split Screen Mode

In Windows 10, you can easily create a split screen effect to showcase two web browsers or two application windows.  To create this split screen effect, drag one window to either the left or right side and it will snap to exactly one half of the screen.  At this point, you can snap an additional window to the other half of your screen, or create a workflow where one window takes up half of your screen and you other windows flat in the additional space

Snapping Windows into Corners

To take full advantage of Windows 10’s “snapping” feature, drag one window into a corner of your screen and it will resize to 1/4 of your screen.  You can then create a 4-screen effect, or split your screen into any combination of your choice to showcase multiple browsers or applications.

What are Your Favorite Windows 10 Tricks?

What are your favorite Windows 10 tricks? We would love to learn how you are using Windows and all of its great features in your classroom. Please leave a comment below.

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