7 Great Educational Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2019!

Are you looking to outsource your professional development in 2019? Are you tired of searching and searching through thousands of blogs and reading through countless paragraphs sharing the hows and whys of educational technology?

Who has time to do this?

Have you tried listening to podcasts for your professional development?

Podcasts are first and foremost FREE.  They are ON DEMAND content and can answer dozens, if not hundreds of dozens of questions that you may have about educational technology, professional pedagogy and more.  Did you know there are more than 700,000 podcasts on iTunes … RIGHT NOW?

How do I listen to a Podcast?

There are several exciting ways to consume audio and video information.  Everyone has their favorite.  Here are just a few.

No matter if you are looking for in educational audio content or video content, these services are here to help you.  Best of all, they are FREE.

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The Big Podcasting Question Is …

With all of the great educational podcasts out there, which ones should I start with?

There are dozens of educational podcasts and podcasters popping up in the educational field.  Here is a list of some of the tried and true, and fully tested podcasts that are great for you and your ride to work.

The TeacherCast Podcast

Our flagship podcast for the last (almost) 8 years, the TeacherCast Podcast is a fun podcast that features educators, tech companies, and others discussing the hottest topics facing today's educators.  With over 200 episodes in our archives spanning (almost) 8 years, there is truly something for everyone on the TeacherCast Podcast.

Ask the Tech Coach

If you are a Technology Coach or are interested in learning how you can transform the culture of your school district through professional learning, you should be listening to our Monday morning podcast, Ask the Tech Coach. Hosted by myself and fellow Tech Coach, Nicholas Amaral, Ask the Tech Coach has turned into a learning community for coaches worldwide.  Each month, we supplement the learning through our Tech Coach Mastermind where we provide coaching and training … to the coaches!

Educational Podcasting Today

If you are searching for the best way to create your own podcast or to bring podcasting into your classroom, check out Educational Podcasting Today.  I started EPT a few years back and have recently expanded it into not just one, but two pages to help teachers learn how to both podcasts in the classroom and with their students.  If you are interested in learning more, also join our Facebook Group to be apart of our learning community.

EdTech Bites

EdTech Bites is a relatively new podcast hosted by Texas Tech Coach Gabriel Carrillo.  Recently, I had Gabriel on the podcast where we talked about the importance of not just building a community but building a culture of communication in the classroom.  Check out our podcast with EdTech Bites today!

The Chromebook Classroom

The Chromebook Classroom is hosted by one of the best Google Trainers in the country, John Sowash.  John not only has a fantastic podcast but also is the author of a fantastic book called The Chromebook Classroom which should be a MUST READ For any school using G Suite applications.  If your school has the opportunity to bring John in for training … TAKE IT!

Better Leaders Better Schools

Better Leaders Better Schools is hosted by Danny “Sunshine” Bauer and is the perfect podcast for anyone in educational leadership or thinking about moving out of the classroom.  Recently, Danny was a guest on our podcast and he shared several great reasons why it's important to build a community for your podcast.

Teachers On Fire

Teachers on Fire is hosted by Tim Cavey and features interviews with K-12 educators about how they are being innovative in their classrooms.  Listen to one of my favorite episodes of Teachers on Fire today!

If you are looking for some FREE professional development you can’t go wrong with these shows

What podcasts do you listen to?  Help us out by creating a list in the comments below.

See you online!


For more information about Educational Podcasts, please visit www.EducationalPodcasting.com.

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