7 Useful Videos to Get You Started With Zoom for Education

Connecting with our students during distance learning has evolved into a world all its own!

We have two big tools that allow us to connect with each other. Those being Zoom and Google Meet. In my school system we have been using Zoom and as we have moved along, taught our teachers the proper settings while keeping abreast of security measures to take to keep our students safe and cover ourselves as we follow guidelines from COPPA and FERPA.  All while trying to ease the minds of parents that we are doing our due diligence to be safe.

Introducing Zoom for Education

Just this week at Christian Academy School System here in Louisville, Ky. and New Albany, IN we have implemented Zoom for Education. It cost us a bit of money, but through some negotiation, we settled at a deal and now have the ability to authenticate our users and set default meetings to only allow people inside our school system access except for authorized occasions that are approved to let in folks from the outside.  

By implementing the education version, this has allowed us, even more, control over security and the ability with peace of mind to assure parents that we are following all the recommended guidelines.

In all of the video conferencing debate, my preference began and remains to be Zoom just for the video and audio quality alone not to mention so many other viewing and sharing features that are right at the teacher's fingertips.

As we have moved forward in our Zoom implementation, I have created a series of tutorials that explain various features and settings.

Signing In & Starting A Zoom Meeting

This video introduces a user how to get started upon first use of zoom and starting a meeting right from the app or website.

Scheduling a Meeting & Inviting Participants

This video shows the user how to schedule a meeting for a time in the future and various ways to invite participants whether it be via email, calendar invite, or link on learning management course.

Hosting a Meeting & Managing Participants

This video goes over features within the meeting that the host and participants have access to including chat, breakout rooms, screen sharing including the whiteboard, muting, etc.

Recording and Accessing the File

This video talks about recording your Zoom session and where the file goes after the meeting.

Safety and Security Presets

These are recommended presets to keep yourself as the host secure from hackers as well as students when and if they are involved in your sessions.

Safety & Security Within a Zoom Meeting

These settings are ones to be aware of during the meeting to keep everyone safe and secure.

Safety Features with Zoom Education

Introduction to Christian Academy’s Zoom Education access and features that will help to keep hackers away.

How Are You Using Zoom Video Conferencing In Your Classroom?

As we progress throughout our time away from our classrooms, it's important that we all share best practices on our favorite applications. Please use the comments section below to share your tips & tricks on video conferencing using Zoom.

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