8 Apps That Should Be On Your Mobile Device in 2018

Quite often, we find ourselves focusing on what we can do in our classrooms while using our Chromebooks.  I've even heard once or twice technology in terms of “Classroom” and “Mobile” technology.  This, of course, brings up the question, “Why not think of classroom technology AND mobile apps in the same sentence?” Today, lets take a look at 8 great apps that should be found in your mobile classroom in 2017.


YES!, may people use Google on their phones.  They pull up Chrome, or Safari and use the mobile browsers built in search functions to find what they need. However, by using the Google Search app, you may just find it to be the one app that you use more than simply asking “Hey Siri!”

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Google Photos

Google Photos is AWESOME!  Let's take a look at what Google Photos brings you.  First, if provides you with UNLIMITED cloud storage of your photos.  Second, the app has the ability to not only backup your photos but if desired, can delete those photos from your phone's hard drive.  This not only saves your phone hard drive but easily gives you valuable time each day knowing that your precious memories are never lost … even if your phone is.

Google Allo

One new app to my phone is called Google Allo. It's a brand new messaging app that allows you to communicate with others and easily share photos and media found in your Google Drive.  I haven't yet fully played with this, however from what I have done on a limited scale, its pretty awesome.

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Google Duo

Another new app to hit the App store, Google Duo is a 2-way video conferencing application that honestly is much more reliable than using Facetime.  I also find that it uses less battery which is a time saver in my book on any scale.

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Yes, I am a big fan of the Apple Mail app, but to be honest with you, I also have 5 other email applications on my phone.  The problem with most of these is that you are stuck with one app who is more often than not looking to update ALL of your email address at the same time.  Gmail, however, is only concerned with the one email you are looking at a time.  This again is a time saver and a battery saver.  Another nice thing about using the Gmail app is that it understands the Labels vs Folders debate and will help you put one email into several labels.  You don't get that feature on other email applications.

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I'm not going to end this blog post by saying that Google Maps is the best mapping tool on the planet.  But, by using the Google Maps app, it not only saves your battery vs using Google Maps in one of the browsers, you also have the opportunity to turn any device into a GPS while you aren't actively using a browser.

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What Is Your Favorite App?

We will be diving into each of these apps in more detail as the year progresses. Please tell us what you think of these apps in the comments below and let us know if we missed any of your favorite Google Apps.

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