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Welcome to TeacherCast

Thank you for visiting my website and homepage.  For the last 11 years, I have often received the question, "What is TeacherCast?"

It was the summer of 2011 and my wife and I was driving up the New Jersey Turnpike.  I was listening to a podcast called "Your Mac Show" which was designed to help newbies learn how to use their iMac computers.

Somewhere during the show, the host asked a question and offered an iTunes gift card to the first person who responded.  I took a chance and responded to the host's question, and I won the prize.

From that interaction grew a friendship between me and the host and eventually, we formed a new podcast of our own to help people learn about their Apple Devices.

It was through these experiences where the idea of creating a podcast to support teachers who wanted to become more comfortable integrating technology in their classrooms came from.  On July 11, 2011, I woke up with the idea of TeacherCast and as they say, the rest is history.

A Proven Strategy … A World of Support

For the last 11+ years, I have had the amazing opportunity to support coaches and teachers all over the world to help them develop their unique library of tools for their classrooms. As the creator of TeacherCast.net and the TeacherCast Educational Network, I have amassed a comprehensive library of podcasts, screencasts, editorial content, and hands-on workshops designed to help you and your school district integrate and infuse technology at the highest level with your students.

My Goals for Writing This Blog

The mission of TeacherCast has always been simple. It is now, was then, and forever will be: “A Place for Teachers to Help other Teachers.” This means that my podcasts, screencasts, and all the educators who have contributed to the blog, come together with the purpose of being a team to support educators worldwide.

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