How Do You Morph Two Images Together In Apple Keynote?

Getting Creative with Keynote Begins with inspiration

One of the great things about education is that there are so many great teachers sharing new ideas.  I found this video from Kurt Klynen, who saw a  Twitter post from @nahdan and I made a version of the video for my kids.  I needed my own video so I could make sure there were captions and that I wasn’t sending the kids to Facebook.

My video- please subscribe to the channel for ongoing updates. As far as I can tell, Jonathan was exploring the creative potential of Keynote. I have seen a bunch of posts recently about using keynote for creativity, with drawings, images, and even video. I like the new functionality these other pioneering teachers are showing me. Now I just have to find a meaningful way to bring this to my students.

Why I Noticed The Creative Potential of Keynote

It just so happens that making strange silhouettes of made up animals is exactly what my 4th-grade kids are currently doing. Just last week I taught them how to create outlines that we could cut with the Glowforge laser. I was impressed with myself because prior to this I had not successfully created and exported an .svg file, and then I taught the kids how to do it.  This is what I was in the midst of when I saw the animal morph posts. I think I saw Jonathan’s on twitter and then Kurt’s on Facebook.

The process is the right level of complexity. You can get it wrong, but once you understand it there are so many ways to get it right. All of my kids found success and their results were not all the same. By my measure, the process supports a great deal of choice.

The Steps To Creative Animal Building in Keynote

  1. select an animal image
  2. overlay a second animal image
  3. use Format >> Lines and Shapes >> make editable
  4. Line up the contours you want to keep.  
  5. Prepare the rest of the deletion by dragging the points to make smaller shapes. create intersections.
  6. Right (or control) click the image and choose “Break apart”.
  7. Delete the shapes you don’t need.
  8. Select both shapes.
  9. Format>> Lines and Shapes>> Unify shapes.

One Creative Keynote Idea Begets Another

Once the kids had used Keynote to create and animals for the puppet show, it occurred to me that I could use the same shape tool to create a silhouette setting and project it onto the screen. Once I tested this and it looked alright on camera, I knew I finally had a way to bring The Cardboard Show together.

Using the scene slide deck and the soundtrack, I was able to build a show the kids could “drop themselves into.”  

We took the show to MakerfaireLA and it was so awesome, it will be the next blog post, until then please subscribe to my students’ new channel The Cardboard Show.


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Sam is Makerspace coordinator at Echo Horizon School, the nicest little school on Los Angeles' West Side. In the classroom since '02 Sam has taught grades PreK-12. Every lesson is a writing lesson.

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