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How To Create a Great 1:1 Relationship with your Teachers as a Tech Coach

Ask the Tech Coach Episode 19

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick take a look at several things a Tech Coach can do to create positive relationships with their teachers, administrators, and support staff members.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections and reactions
  • The Great LMS Debate: Blog Post
      • Q: What is the first thing a school should do when choosing an LMS?
  • Ask the Tech Coach Mastermind Signup (Coupon Code Ends Oct 1, 2018)
      • 8-Week Digital Literacy Challenge
        • 2 Face-to-Face meetings each month
        • Create a Digital Literacy / Tech Integration Plan for your school district
        • 5-week Online Course for Learning Management Systems
        • Bonus Podcasts and Tech Coach Blog Posts
        • FREE Digital Templates and Lesson Plans that can be used in the classroom
        • Exclusive Membership in our Tech Coach Facebook Group
  • How To Create a Great 1:1 Relationship with Your Staff Members
      • Having empathy for staff members while getting your job done
        • Don’t take everything personally.
        • Always ask them how they are doing.
        • It’s about them getting their job done … not about you getting your job done.
      • The importance of walking the hallways
        • Making friends will get you everywhere you want to be.’
          • How is your family?
          • How are the kids?
        • Never lead with your agenda
        • Keep the computer in your backpack
        • Never take notes while they are in front of you.
        • Makes you visible and open to assist
        • “How do you use the Copy Machine?”
      • Surviving the faculty lunchroom
        • Know the school schedule and wear multiple hats with different people.
        • Lunch happens in the Lunchroom … always
        • Don’t be “the tech guy” 24/7
      • Treating your teachers as equals … but students
        • Remember: you are their resource, not the other way around
      • Supporting teachers in the classroom -vs- observing teachers in the classroom
        • Focus on what they do well
        • Find ways to enhance their practice or meet their needs
      • What do you do when things don’t go the way you want it to?
  • On the Next Episode
    • How to Create a Tech Coach Website
      • Why build a website?
      • Platforms for various websites
      • The importance of modeling what you want in the classroom
      • Choose the platform that is best for your teachers and district … not your ego
    • Future Episodes
      • Episode 20: Tech Coach Websites
      • Episode 21: The 3 best ways to train your staff … when they don’t care about the topic

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