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How Should You Prepare to Present a Multi Hour Presentation or Workshop?

Creating Multi-Hour Presentations

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick dissect the dreaded “multi-hour workshop presentation” and provide key tips, tricks, and strategies for your next large conference workshop presentation or school based professional development day.  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections and reactions from Episode 27: November Tech Coach Round Table
      • How and when should you be creative with your presentation topics?
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How to Prepare for a Multi-Hour Workshop

How to conceptualize a multi-hour presentation vs a standard hour presentation

  • School workshops vs conference workshops
  • Audience expectations

Lecture vs Workshop

  • How much should you talk and how much should you engage?
  • Does Think/Pair/Share work?

Choosing what platform to focus on (Google/Apple/Microsoft)

  • How do you plan when you don’t know the platform?

Crafting the Perfect Intro

  • Hooking teachers at the onset
  • Show, tell, or let them do?
  • Let them know what to expect during this workshop

Handouts vs downloadable templates

  • Handouts are good if they are breaking something down
  • Digital resources are easier to maintain/don’t get lost/easy to come back to

How to create a memorable ending?

  • Something they can takeaway
  • Group brainstorming session of ideas

On the Next Episode

    • December 12: Why Should Tech Coaches Collaborate with Each Other?
    • December 17: Keeping Busy During the Holiday Season
    • December 24: Your Tech Coach Holiday Wish List

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • When preparing for your workshop, it’s best to know your audience and understand their expectations.

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