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Find Out Why It’s Important For Tech Coaches To Collaborate With Each Other

The Power of Collaboration for Tech Coaches

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick welcome members of the Tech Coach Mastermind to discuss why it's important for Coaches to have a solid support system with other Coaches.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections and reactions from Mastermind Cohort 1
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    • Membership in an exclusive team of Tech Coaches
    • Peer to Peer Mentoring
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    • A Positive and Friendly learning environment to help you grow your program
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  • Defining and Redefining the Tech Coach Position
      • What does a Tech Coach do?
        • A leader
        • A Guide
        • Someone who supports learning
      • What is a Tech Coach responsible for?
      • What are the “non-job description things” that a tech coach does?
  • The Struggles of Coaching both Teachers and Admins
      • You are neither a teacher nor an administrator
      • You have tons of responsibility but no real authority
      • Your job is to put out fires and filter the nonsense to get the job done
  • Finding your Place in the School District
      • Tips for first-year Tech Coaches that will help get to year two
  • The Importance of Connecting with Others
      • Share what you know.
        • Find ways to better support your students
        • Find ways to better support your teachers
        • Find ways to better meet district goals/initiatives
      • Get challenged
        • Enhance your craft
      • Gather resources
      • Brainstorm / collaborate on ideas
  • What is a Mastermind Program?
      • Like-minded individuals with a common goal/purpose
      • The Mastermind as a “support system”
  • Why Join the Tech Coach Mastermind
      • Collaborate with like-minded educators around the world
      • Share your knowledge and gain valuable feedback
      • Open dialogue – judgment-free and confidential
      • Challenge each other to create, implement, and achieve goals.
      • Lean on others in similar roles for support
  • Reflections from Cohort 1
  • Join us for Cohort 2 in January 2019
  • On the Next Episode
    • December 17: Keeping organized when you aren’t busy during the holiday season.
      • 5 things Tech Coaches should be doing when they find they have downtime.

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Kelly Orvick

Kelly Orvick has been an educator for 19 years and currently serves as an Instructional Technology Coordinator, Coach and CS Teacher of grades 6-8 at Hart Ransom Union, Modesto. She is a Google Certified Trainer/Innovator who loves working with all levels of education breaking down the walls, connecting with and empowering individuals to take on their own learning. She holds a MA in Instructional Technology and loves utilizing this knowledge to empower others to make the shift to 21st century learning, leading and teaching.

@Techy_Tech / TEaCHn' Facebook /

Brian CdeBaca

Brian CdeBaca is a Technology Coordinator for the Garland Independence School District in Garland, Texas. He has been in educator since 2008 as a teacher and district technology coordinator. His current role affords him the opportunity to coordinate the deployment and support of technology hardware/software for 13 middle schools. In the Fall of 2018, his team deployed 12,000+ Chromebooks to middle school students as part of the district’s Ready 1:1 program. Brian has a MS in Educational Technology Leadership, and believes the future of educational technology is not what type of technology we use but rather how we connect the technology with life-long learning.


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This weeks question is:

Question: What do you do when you don’t seem to be busy?

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • The school year is very long and often has very high highs and often some very frustrating lows.  It’s important to always remember that you aren’t alone and that there are Tech Coaches out there who are also fighting the good fight and are on your team to support you and help you out.

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