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How Do You Make Meaningful and Professional Online Learning Modules For Your Staff?

How To Create Online Courses

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick discuss several things a Tech Coach should do when creating online courses and self-paced learning modules.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections from Last Week's Episode
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  • Do You Have a Question For Us?
  • Six Steps You Need To Take to Create a Successful Online Learning Experience For Your Teachers
      • Step 1: Identify Learning Objectives
        • Directly or indirectly correlate to District Goals, Building Goals, and Initiatives.
        • Content vs. Skills
        • What vs How PD
        • How will learning objectives be assessed?
      • Step 2: Decide where to host your modules.
        • What should you do before opening the module?
          • Sketch in Google Docs
          • Mindmapping Software
            • Lucid Chart
            • MindNote
        • Applications
          • Schoology
          • Canvas
          • Google Sites
          • Google Forms
          • WordPress
        • How to test the module?
      • Step 3: Integrate teacher needs and wants into module creation.
        • What topics do they want to learn about?
        • Allow time to collaborate/share/discuss as a group
      • Step 4: Decide on a proper framework or workflow
        • How will the module go?
          • Utilize BLOOMS
        • ** This is the most important step and can save you A LOT of time when creating future modules.
        • Self-created videos vs random YouTube videos
      • Step 5: Give time to reflect/share creations/ and implement
        • Let teachers create something and implement in their classroom
        • Have them share the creation
        • Let them come back and reflect. How did it go? What did you like/dislike? What else do you want to learn to help you more?
      • Step 6: Highlight their accomplishments with a badge (micro credentialing)
        • Credly
        • Schoology Badges (integrated)
        • Padlet Share Board
        • Twitter
  • On the Next Episode
    • February 25: Tech Coach Round Table

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • Creating online courses should not be taken lightly in your district.  It’s important to have a plan not just for creation, but for implementation and promotion of the professional development concept before launching with the staff.

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