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This weeks question came from a middle school science teacher who asked the question
“Do you have any good recommendations on virtual tours of body systems, dissections, etc?”

There are a plethora of app and websites teachers can use for analyzing human anatomy and/or participating in dissections. Some of the favorites are:


  • Virtual Frog Dissection– This program allows you to watch videos about the steps and the tools of a frog dissection.
  • Froguts– This is an amazing tool for schools. There is a cost associated with it but if your school/district requires an alternative to live dissections this may be the tool for you.
  • Salmon Dissection– This website allows students to use the tools to dissect a salmon. You can use scalpels, tweezers and more.

There are a plethora of free apps you can use by searching the app store. Make sure the dissection app is for students in K-12 education and not for college courses.


  • Build-A-Body
    • Students can use build-a-body to build the human body using interactive elements in each of the body systems. Each of the systems will provide facts about the systems.
  • Zygote Body
    • One of my favorite tools I recommend to science teachers is Zygotebody. This website allows students to look at different body systems. This website allows you to look at the details of the human body through 3-D images. The free version is a great starting point for teachers using laptops or Chromebooks.
  • Daqri-4D
    • If you’re really looking to wow student’s, make sure to check out Daqri4D studio . According to Drew Minock: “Anatomy 4D allows students to explore the human anatomy in a meaningful and exciting new medium. It is extremely powerful to see your heartbeat in real time using the heart target and a Bluetooth smart heart monitor. Just link the heart monitor to your device and fire up the heart experience. You’ll see your heartbeat in the top right corner.”

If you have a tool that you use, please let us know at #AsktheTechCoach.


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