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How to add a blog or comments box in New #GoogleSites using @Padlet

Add Padlet comments to New Google Sites

When working with New Google Sites, there are two questions that consistently come up from both teachers and web developers.  The first question, is “How do I create a blog in New Google Sites?” The second question is often “How can I teach Digital Citizenship by adding a Comments Section at the bottom of New Google Sites?”  Luckily, the answer to these two questions is pretty simple…  just use Padlet! 

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Understanding Publishing Settings in the NEW Google Sites

Google Sites Publishing Settings

Recently, Google released a brand new version of Google Sites.  Over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with teachers and school districts from around the country to create amazing websites for their classrooms, clubs, and curricular departments. Where Google Sites is a very easy application to learn and quickly get…

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