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15 WordPress Audio and Video Plugins for Podcasters

Audio and Video Plugins

WordPress is an amazing application.

Every WordPress has four things in common.  Four simple areas that help provide navigation and content for your readers. These four aspects of all WordPress websites are a Header, Menu, Sidebar, and Content areas.  Once you have decided how these areas should look, and where they will be placed on your form page, the rest of the functionality comes from the manipulation of code and addition of plugins.

When setting up your podcasting homepage, it is imperative you choose not only the right plugin but the best plugin for your audio and video needs.  Perhaps you have chosen to have your podcasting RSS feed run from a service such as Libsyn directly to iTunes.  Perhaps you have chosen to run your feed on your WordPress website.  There are several reasons for choosing each of these methods.  The best part of podcasting is that there is no true right answer and no true wrong answer.

Listed in this post are 15 WordPress Audio Video Plugins for Podcasters found on the WordPress plugin repository for your website.  My advice is to always try out a few and see what matches your podcasting needs and more importantly, how the visual players look and feel when on your WordPress theme.

Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress. Developed by podcasters for podcasters, PowerPress offers full iTunes support, Web audio/video media players, exclusive subscribe tools, podcasting SEO features and more.

Spreaker Shortcode

The Spreaker shortcode plugin is an easy way to embed Spreaker audio player widgets into your WordPress blog. It works for any Spreaker track, collection, or user. Once you install this plugin, it will work on all of your blog posts.

Rotate SoundCloud Player

A widget that features the latest track in a SoundCloud playlist, with the option to rotate to older tracks.

The TSG Podcasting Plugin

The Podcasting plugin by TSG brings complete podcasting support to WordPress. This allows you to use any media file from somewhere on the web (either your site or another site) and it will add it to an iTunes-based feed. The Podcasting plugin also includes player support allowing visitors to play the media file directly on your site.

Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout is the best way to publish a podcast online. From secure and reliable hosting to full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and of course, this WordPress plugin, Buzzsprout has everything you need to publish and promote your podcast!

SoundCloud Ultimate

The SoundCloud Ultimate plugin allows musicians, podcasters or web owners who use SoundCloud to manage or display their tracks from their WordPress site. The plugin's features are listed below:

  • Secure authentication/connection from your WordPress site to your SoundCloud account using oAuth2
  • Display any of your tracks with the special SoundCloud player anywhere on your blog by using a special shortcode
  • Upload new tracks from your WordPress administration panel directly to your SoundCloud account.
  • View your current tracks from the WordPress admin panel which you have already been uploaded to your SoundCloud account.
  • Play/preview currently uploaded tracks directly from the WP admin panel
  • Delete tracks from your SoundCloud account directly from the WordPress admin panel

Sermon Manager

Imports sermons into Sermon Manager for WordPress using ID3 information. Only MP3 files are currently supported. Files can either be uploaded via the WordPress uploader or through another method. The plugin adds files to the wp-content/uploads/sermon-manager-import folder by default.

A different folder can be specified in the options. The plugin only searches the base folder specified! Files added through the WordPress uploader will show up in the media library as unattached. The files are then attached to the sermon when imported.

When the sermon is posted, the file is moved to the uploads folder using the organization method selected in the WordPress settings. Sermons can be posted in the publishing or draft status.

Podlove Web Player

This is part of the “Podlove” initiative for a better podcasting experience. See for more information.

There are basically four ways to use the Podlove Web Player:

  1. A Standalone Player
    1. You won’t need any of the PHP or WordPress files in this package. Just stick to “standalone.html” and see how it’s done there. Maybe you want to build your very own CMS plugin. If so – let us know!
  2. Manual WordPress shortcodes
    1. Use a simple shortcode in your posts and pages, and the Podlove Web Player will appear, playing any media file you want to assign.
  3. WordPress enclosures
    1. The WordPress plugin searches for media enclosures in your existing posts and renders a web player automatically. Works like a charm, even for Blubrry PowerPress users.
  4. As part of the Podlove Podcast Publisher

This player is bundled with the “PPP” project and should be automatically rendered, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

RSS iTunes Redirection

If you are a podcaster and you already submitted a podcast to iTunes you will notice that Apple does not provide a form where you can change your feed- or podcast URL. Instead, you have to use a special tag in your feed to change the URL.

YourChannel: YouTube Channel on your Website

You don't need more storage or bandwidth, and your visitors hate leaving the webpage they've already loaded, so why don't you show your videos and playlists in your own website.

Tell this plugin your YouTube username or channel ID and it'll set up your channel on your own property.

What it displays :

  • Banner image, profile picture, and username
  • Total videos and views.
  • Uploads (sorted by views.)
  • Playlists (lists videos on that playlist on click). (Optional)
  • Banner image in the footer.
  • Default color accent is Black & White.
  • Smooooth animations.

Podcast Channels

What do you need to podcast with WordPress? Nothing — WordPress puts enclosures in the feed for you. That's the bare bones and it works well enough.

But iTunes metadata would be nice. And, how about different info in different categories? Podcast Channels lets you specify iTunes metadata for the home feed, specific category feeds, and even ‘user defined' (‘Conditional') feeds.

Mp3 to Post

This plugin creates a folder that you can STFP or SSH MP3 files in to and then scans the folder to create the posts from the MP3 ID3 information.

The posts use the ID3 title and comment information to create the title and post content.

When the posts are created they are automatically set to Draft so you can review the information and set publish dates.

Podcast Player

Embed or create a podcast on your WordPress blog with our plugin. Just use our shortcodes or user-friendly button and put the link to your .mp3 file and that's it.

SpeakPipe Voicemail for Websites

With SpeakPipe you can receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website. Installing SpeakPipe on a website is easy and takes less than a minute. Visitors don't need a SpeakPipe account to send you a voicemail. A message can be sent with just a few clicks without typing anything. Learn more at

This plugin allows site owners to easily integrate their SpeakPipe code into their WordPress site without having to change any source code or theme files.

iTunes Podcast Review Manager

Gathers all of your international podcast reviews from iTunes and displays them in a table. This plugin also checks for new reviews in the background every 4 hours. Note: sometimes the iTunes feeds for certain countries are unreachable, and you can click the button to manually check for new reviews.

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