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The @TeacherCast A-Z Guide to Podcast Recording, Editing, and Production

How to Edit your Podcast using Final Cut Pro X

Podcasting … It's a fantastic hobby, but one that certainly takes up a ton of time.  First you need to come up with an idea, then do some research, and finally, you hit the record button.  No, wait… THEN you spent time editing it and FINALLY, you hit the publish button on your blog post … and YouTube video … and (you get the picture).

So how does TeacherCast create and turn around so many podcasts in a very quick time frame?

This was the very question I was recently asked by my friend Steve Stewart.  Recently, I was a guest on Steve's pretty awesome podcasting webinar talking about my current editing and production setup.  Together, we discuss all things podcast editing from both the production and the publications side.

In this video, we walk through my equipment, recording setup, and how I am able to leverage Final Cut Pro X to quickly record, edit, and produce 9 individual podcasts that can be found on iTunes today.

If you are interested in downloading a FREE Google Sheets version of my Editorial Calendar, please check out our new post and get your copy today!

Check out our video above to learn more.  If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below.

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