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How to Add a Music Playlist to Google Sites

How to add Amazon to New Google Sites

There are a lot of things you can do with Google Sites that go beyond using it for simple website design. As the Staff Development Coordinator for my school district, I run a lot of workshops for my teachers. So I enjoy using Google Sites as a digital playlist for the workshop's activities, giving teachers everything they need in one place while building in opportunities for them to venture off at their own pace and use the “playlist” as a guide.

But I am always looking for more ways to spruce up my workshop material. One annoyance is bouncing from tab to tab. And one tab I ALWAYS have open is a music playlist that I use during my workshops at various times. This just adds another dimension and makes the time with my teachers more lively and enjoyable. Here’s how you can add a music playlist to your Google Site.

Access Your Playlist from a Source

Amazon Playlist

There are a variety of online music platforms that you can use (Spotify is one), but I use Amazon Prime Music.

Your first step is to log into your online music program and access your playlist. For example, you can access Amazon’s via the drop-down menu titled Accounts and Lists or by going to

Next, you’ll need to either generate a playlist or access one you may have already created. Amazon’s is located in the lower portion of the left navigation as seen below.

Grab the Embed Code

Once you are set, we need to grab the embed code to your playlist. This is usually found via a “share” button. Follow these steps below: (the following steps mimic using Amazon Prime Music. These may change slightly depending on the app you are using)

Simply click on the “share” button → click “embed”→ copy the code.

How to add Music into a Google Site

Add it to Your Google Site

Now that you have the code copied, all we need to do is add it to your Google Site. Access the page on your Google Site that you want to add the playlist (I like making this a separate page within my site). Follow these steps below:

Amazon Playlists on Google Sites

Simply click on the “embed” button → click “embed code” → paste the code → click “insert”.

The playlist will be added to the page. Click and drag the playlist to resize it to your preferred size. Tip: try to have the whole playlist visible on the page. You will usually find the “play”, “skip”, or, “repeat” buttons at the bottom. Once you preview your Google Site, the music playlist will be active, and you can start playing music from it.

Try this out next time you are designing a digital playlist for your students or are looking for another way to enhance your professional development workshop!

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About the author, Nick Amaral

Nick Amaral is a District Staff Development Coordinator in NJ. As a dedicated educator, he is known for implementing technology and differentiating instruction in the classroom. In addition to teaching, he has been responsible for supporting teachers’ understanding and seamless integration of technology in the classroom, as well as designing engaging and thought-provoking professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of all teachers to help to create student-centered learning experiences.