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Limitly App Review: Helping parents restrict student device usage

Limitly App Review - TeacherCast Guest Blog

I have a confession to make – I’m a digital mom. I love everything connected to modern technologies and I use every gadget, program or site I can find to optimize my parenting routine and just to be a better mom. Not long ago, I discovered quite a cool free application for smartphones and tablets – Limitly (Google Play). I cannot but write a review about it as it helps a lot!

So, what does it do? Limitly has several cool options, but the basic one is to limit a device usage. You can install the application on your kids’ phones or tablets and control how often they use certain apps, games and the device itself. I installed it on my daughter’s tablet and now I’m enjoying the results. I also suggested it to my friends many of whom have teenage kids (the kids probably hate me for that now, but the parents are happy). They say that the kids’ school performance got much better after they limited the use of social networks. So, I want to describe the basic features of the app.

Limiting the device usage

Despite my love of technology, I still realize the importance of enjoying life and spending time with people you love. I want my daughter to realize it too. That is why I chose to block her phone and tablet at dinner time and on Saturdays (it’s a family day for us). The app allows blocking a device for any specific periods you choose.

Limiting the usage of certain apps

My kid has an Angry Birds obsession at the moment. She just loves it and plays it every day. I don’t mind it if it’s not the whole day of playing. With Limitly, I gave her some restrictions. Now she can play the game only for an hour every day. She can choose the time she plays and this hour can be divided into periods. You can do the same thing with every application on your kid’s phone. It is also possible to create categories of apps to block (for example, games or social networks).

Getting reports

The app also collects the information on how often your kids use different apps. Thus, you can see if they spend too much time on a particular app and just set the limits for it.

Fun stuff

I love when there are some cool options in an app. Here, for example, I can set certain messages that appear on my daughter’s screen in different situations. For instance, when she’s spent three hours a day on her tablet, there is a message “Ooops! My dear, I bet you have something better to do than playing with your tablet now!” Or, when she’s at school and tries to play some game, it says “Not now, princess, you can play that at home!” I love this feature. I can change messages whenever I want and think of new cool phrases from time to time.

How does it help?

I saved the most important part of the conclusion. Why would you need to install this screen time parental control app? Well, I can think of several reasons. First, it will help your kids focus on school and homework. I know that many kids get distracted by gadgets during classes or while doing homework. Limitly can be the solution here.

Second, kids get used to spending time without their gadgets and learn what to do with their time. My daughter, for example, started to draw more and now she often comes to me to help when I cook. I believe it is definitely a plus.

Finally, kids learn more about planning. My princess now divides her Angry Birds time with all the possible responses. She plays 20 minutes at a time three times a day. I noticed that she got more organized with her other activities, too. Maybe it is a coincidence and she’s just growing up. Who knows? Overall, I advise every parent to try this app.

Jana Rooheart is a blogger and online safety expert. She is devoted to making the Internet safer for kids and to warning parents about all the possible hazards of online activities.

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