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How to Teach Your Students “New” Google Sites

Video Tutorial: New Google Sites for Beginners

As teachers become more and more accustomed to using New Google Sites as their website platform of choice, it's important to not forget that our students can easily use this essential application for their projects as well.  Since relaunching Google Sites in 2016, I have seen Sites being used as a Website Platform, Newsletter, Flipped Classroom Tool, and so much more.  In this weeks video tutorial, we take a look at some of the basic concepts that you should be teaching your students when it comes to getting a New Google Site created and published. For additional video tutorials, please subscribe to our TeacherCast YouTube Channel and join almost 10,000 subscribers today!

In this post, I'll show you:

How to create a New Google Site

At the moment the quickest way to create a website using New Google Sites is to point your browser directly to  From this point, you will see all of your other New Google Sites.  Click on the plus button on the bottom right to start a New Google Site project.

Open a New Google Site

Click the PLUS on the bottom right to start your NEW Google Sites Project

Another way to start your Google Sites project is to start from Google Drive and click on NEW – Google Sites.

New Google Sites from Google Drive

How to create and customize a page header

To change your page header, click on the text box and adjust your text as needed.  You can use the blue circles to adjust the width of any text box or object in Google Sites.

Change Page Header Text in Google Sites

Change Page Header Text in Google Sites

How to add text to your website

There are two ways to add text to your Google Site.  The first way is to click on the TEXT button on the upper right.   The second way is to double-click anywhere on the canvas (webpage) and click TEXT. From this point, you can type inside of your text box and move the box where you want on the page.

Add a Text Box in Google Sites

Add a TextBox in Google Sites

How to add images to your website

There are several ways to add images to your Google Site.  One of them is to simply drag an image from your desktop onto your canvas.  Another way is to click on an image in Chrome and drag it into the canvas.  Both of these methods will work fine.  In this example, we will use the IMAGE option on the top right and locate an image from our Google Drive or Google Photos.

Insert Image in Google Sites

How to add Google Docs, Sheets, Slides etc… to your website

As long as you adjust your sharing permissions on your Google Docs (Sheets, Slides, etc…) beyond “Private,” you can embed any type of Google File onto your website. One way to embed your Google Doc is to click on the Google Application name on the right-hand menu.  This will then bring up a menu in reverse order from the items you last viewed.  The reality of this section is that it is nothing more than a filter for whatever application you are interested in embedding.    The quickest way to embed anything from Google is to simply copy the URL and while inside of Google Sites click the paste button (Control or Command – V) and it will automatically be inserted into your canvas.  Remember to open your sharing permissions or else your site visitors will not be able to see your item.

Insert Google Doc into Sites

How to add additional editors to your Google Site

When adding additional editors, you must make sure you are clicking on the proper settings.  It is very easy to create a website that allows your end user (site-visitor) to access the edit version of your site.  To add a collaborator, first, click on the “little person” icon on the top of the window.

Add Collaborators in Google Sites

Next, you can invite individual users (email addresses) to become contributors to the website (allow them to edit) by adding their emails in the text box.

"Share with others" Google Sites Settings

“Share with others” Google Sites Settings

If you click on the “Draft” section, you will see the traditional Google Sharing Settings menu that allows you to open or close your website to the public.  My strong suggestion is to NOT mess with this section.  If you set this part to ON, it means that anyone who visits your website has the ability to EDIT!

Google Sites Sharing Settings

If you click on the second section in the above picture “Published” you will see a new series of options where you can publish your website, but only allow a certain user or group of users see the published version.

Publishing Settings for Google Sites


How to publish your website

When you have finished your website and ready for prime time, click on the blue Publish button on the top left.  From this menu, you can create a unique URL for your site.  It is important to note that after publishing, you can always go back and change your website as many times as you wish.  The public will only see the update once you hit the Publish button an additional time.

Publish Your Google Site

Share your New Google Sites with us!

This year, I will have the privilege of working with hundreds of teachers in my district and across the country on their Google Sites projects.  I would love to see what you are doing with New Google Sites?  Please share some comments below and leave us a link or two to showcase on future blog posts.

For more information and additional resources, please check out our Google Sites handbook today!

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