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Quizalize - Formative Assessment App

We both use three interactive online assessment and evaluation tools.  We both use Quizlet, Quizizz, and Quizalize.  All three are excellent.  However, Quizalize is the least well known.  Additionally, Quizalize has some very valuable components that other platforms do not have.

What is Quizalize?

Quizalize is a student and teacher friendly site that allows users to quickly and efficiently assess their knowledge of content and analytical skills. Quizalize provides immediate feedback to players helping them to master both content and analytical skills. You can create your own quizzes, organize them in collections, or acquire previously created quizzes from its Marketplace. Quizalize is effective and engaging, a great resource to use for a quick-paced generation who is consistently eager for results.

Mastery Function

Students restudy only the topics that they missed in the initial round of assessment or evaluation.  If a student takes a 30 question test and misses three questions, then those questions are the only questions re-asked.

Visual Field for stimulus based questions

Dependent on the size of the quote or map or political cartoon (stimuli), the visual field for the question gets larger.  Quotes are not scrunched down and all visuals are clearly interpretable.  This expanding visual field is crucial for a stimulus based multiple choice question.  These stimulus based questions are imperative for practice for the APUSH – Advanced Placement United States History test.

Classification of multiple choice questions

Questions can be classified, according to teacher designated categories such as “knowledge”, or “analysis”, or “synthesis”.  The teacher receives results based on student answers in each designated category.

Uploading Quizlet 

Many teachers are familiar with Quizlet. Quizalize provides an opportunity to upload their already existing Quizlets to Quizalize . Quizalize generates a quiz that incorporates every term that was used in the Quizlet. This easy transition from Quizlet to Quizalize allows students to have a variety of resources to assist them with their mastery.

Homework Timeline

One can assign homework, making the quiz available, for up to one year in the future.  This is excellent for leaving a quiz open for use for the length of a unit or an entire semester for review.

Incorrect Answer Explanations

Teachers can provide explanations to the quiz questions for why the answer the student selected was incorrect. This immediate feedback assists students in making sense of why their response was incorrect. Students can use this reasoning as they work towards proficiency in the content and skills.

Organize Your Quizzes into Collections

There are advantages to organizing your quizzes into collections. As a teacher who teaches several preps, it is time-saving to place your quizzes into a collection. It makes Quizalize easy to navigate and assign quizzes to different classes. Eventually, you can share your collections with the Marketplace where other teachers can use or borrow your quizzes.

Kevin Neal is both a high school social studies teacher during the day and an alternative high school teacher at night.  Kevin has an MA in Social Studies from the University of Iowa, is a Senior James Madison Fellow, and has been an Advanced Placement United States History reader for 15 years.  Kevin’s web mixes are used by almost 5,000 people nationwide.

Ann Krois is a high school social studies teacher. She earned her BA in history from the University of Northern Iowa. This is Ann’s second year in the teaching profession. She teaches a range of social studies classes that vary from United States history to ESL American Government and ESL Economics.

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