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Top Tech Tools for Schools and Colleges - TeacherCast Guest Blog

Education is getting smarter – it’s official! Thankfully, the days when a whiteboard (or blackboard!) and an overhead projector were the start and finish of classroom technology are long gone as ICT has been playing an ever increasing role in teaching techniques everywhere.

But have you seen the latest gadgets designed to make teaching even better? Tech for teachers offers huge opportunities to the profession – here are some exciting ideas for you to consider.

Sketching Tools

Whether you’re taking notes or making drawings, your pen has never been so connected! The Wakom Inkling is a digital sketching tool that allows you to draw or write on any paper with a ballpoint nib – just like a normal pen. The pen strokes are recorded electronically, sensing 1024 levels of pressure and the detail you can achieve is very precise indeed. It’s the perfect tool for sketches and artwork as well as written content. No need to scan or redraw your sketches – once you’ve finished, connect the receiver to your computer via USB and upload to Photoshop or Illustrator for further editing.

NEO Smartpen


The Neo Smartpen also bridges the gap between paper and the digital medium. Designed to write like a conventional pen, and featuring an attractive ergonomic design, it will write on any paper surface as well as mirrors and into smart devices. Along with the Neo Notes app, the smartpen captures your ideas, shares your notes, seamlessly integrating your real world and your digital world.

With the Equil Smartpen 2 you can write, save, share and organise your notes and sketches with real ballpoint ink and real paper, then transfer them to your smart device or computer. The smartpen comes with 2 apps: Equil Note for saving and organising, editing and sharing – including handwriting conversion functionality. Equil Sketch captures your sketches with advanced creative control such as layering and multiple brush styles. The tool digitises your notes in real time via Bluetooth and syncs to Dropbox, Evernote and other platforms.

Scanning Tools

What do you do when you’re far from the school office but you urgently need to scan a hardcopy? Pocketscan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner. It’s not much bigger than a business card and very light. Featuring patented real time image processing software to create scanned images and even turn tables and text into editable formats, you can view everything on your laptop, tablet or smartphone screen.

The WiFi Scanner Wand is a portable photo and document scanner that creates 900dpi electronic JPG or PDF copies in seconds, has a storage capability of up to 32GB, then downloads them to a WiFi enabled computer or tablet. It’s an effortless way to archive large amounts of photos and documents.

If you’re looking for a pen scanner that can digitise text and translate it too, take a look at Worldpenscan X. Connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it recognises many foreign languages and turns your phone into an electronic scanner and translation tool!

Smartboards Tools

For classroom and teaching environments, a board is a must. With the Equil Smartmaker you can make any whiteboard smart! Simply slip a normal marker pen into the Equil sleeve and write away to your heart’s content, streaming your notes in real time. The integrated memory keeps track of what you write on the board and is able to record large formats of max. 5 metres x 1.50 metres of content. You can view it all on your laptop or smartphone and sync to Dropnote, Evernote etc.

SmartboardsThe Ubi Touch Kit is an innovative solution that can turn any surface into a touchscreen. Using the Ubi pen, your fingers or in-air tap, swipe and zoom gestures, you can interact with any Windows application on whiteboards, tables and walls to make them fully interactive. The device is easy to set up, works with most projectors and allows you to create large format displays of up to 2 metres diagonally.

The Touchjet Pond is a pocket sized smart projector and pen combination to turn any surface into a large interactive touchscreen. Its on-board computer is preloaded with the Android operating system, Android apps and 18GB’s worth of user-addressable memory. For streaming video or use as a presentation tool with tap, swipe and annotate functionality, you can control it all with a stylus or a remote controller, and bring your classroom sessions to life.

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