Review: @Booktrack Helps Students Create a Soundtrack for their Homework

While doing some research recently for new and exciting online tools to showcase during Digital Learning Day, I came across a fantastic web tool that allows you create a digital soundtrack for your reading library. Being a music teacher (in a former life) this automatically sparked my interest.

Introducing Booktrack

Booktrack is a web-based application that allows users to create an audio soundtrack that syncs up to books and other text-based assignments.  Studies have shown over and over that students have a much higher attention rate when their environment is filled with sound.  Personally, I find that I read and retain text better when I have extra noise going on around me.  (I'm writing this of course while listening to YouTube videos)

To get started, teachers can select from one of the hundreds of books already curated on the Booktrack website, or input their own text.  Books found on their website already come with an awesome soundtrack and can be accessed without signing up for the service.

Once You Try It … You Won't Try Anything Else

Once you are logged in, you can create your own audio track for your book complete with sound effects.


Bring Your Lesson Plans To Life

If you are looking to create lessons that your students are not only going to be great in the classroom, but fun to recreate at home, Booktrack is the perfect tool to use.  I recently tested this theory out with my toddlers where I read them a story with some of the background noses and it actually made bedtime so much more enjoyable.

Bring Your Students Work To Life

If you think using Booktrack with your own lessons is fun, why not put it in the hands of your students.  Recently, I was working with 4th graders on a current events type of activity.  After learning about Booktrack, I plan on sharing with them the power of not only visual news but audio news as well.


Are your students looking for ways to add an extra detention to their projects?  Are you working on multi-paragraph essays where you are trying to get the right atmosphere in the air to explain how each section flows together?  Booktrack is a simple to use, and very easy to work with the application that I highly recommend to any teacher.

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Booktrack is an easy to use web application that allows users to create an audio soundtrack to their favorite reading materials. Teachers can set up a class and add students in for group projects. This is a fun and simple website to use for students of all ages. If you have used Booktrack with your students, please eave a STAR review just below this summary.

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