Bouncy the Service Dog, from Ripple Effects

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff talks with Anita Compart, an early childhood special education teacher, and Alice Ray, CEO of Ripple Effects. Today, they are here to talk about social-emotional learning (SEL) and specifically, Bouncy, an animatronic service dog.

This breathing, huggable animatronic service dog anchors an SEL program that helps young children feel safe and learn how to self-calm when stressed. A multi-breed, smaller-than-average dog with a prosthetic, Bouncy signifies both vulnerability and strength. Bouncy offers three supports mental health experts agree young children need to thrive despite stressors: a sense of feeling safe, emotional attachment, and training in specific SEL competencies linked to self-regulation and agency, particularly controlled breathing and positive self-talk.

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