Building Your EDU Brand doesn't have to be difficult ... or expensive

Check out these great applications and tools that have helped me build TeacherCast.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Application


Email Marketing

Since 2018, ConvertKit has been my email marketing program which has helped me to grow my subscribers and build my online courses.

Podcast Websites: Managed WordPress Hosting for Podcasters

Podcast Websites

Managed WordPress Hosting for Podcasters and Content Creators

After years of working with WordPress hosting companies that kept me on hold for hours at a time, I migrated TeacherCast to Podcast Websites in 2018 and haven't looked back.


Audio Hosting For Podcasters

In 2019 I migrated years of podcasts over to the amazing platform. This has allowed me to build the TeacherCast Educational Network into the premiere educational podcasting destination for thousands of educators worldwide.



Task Management | Invoices | Proposals | Client Management

Are you looking for a solution for your client management? Are you seeking an easy way to create proposals and invoices to get you paid QUICKLY? Let me introduce you to my secret weapon ... PLUTIO!



Social Media Management / Scheduling

Since 2017 I have been using CoSchedule to set up and manage my Social Media Campaigns.  It is the best application for this purpose and has saved me hundreds of house thanks to an amazing WordPress plugin and fast interface.

Book Like a Boss

Book Like A Boss (BLAB)

Customer Aquisition / Scheduling / Booking / Payment Gateway

Are you looking for a calendar management software that will also help sell you as a professional? Book Like a Boss is an amazing tool that has helped me connect to educators and clients and provide a payment gateway to them before the conversation happens.



Email Marketing / Video / Customer Engagement / Communication Platform

Are you searching for the best way to engage your community through video? I began using Dubb in all of my email segments a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE the platform.