TechSmith Launches Camtasia 2019: A Complete Video Recording And Editing Solution For Content Creators

Camtasia Best in Class LogoIn this post, we take a look at Camtasia, a professional screencasting and video editing application from TechSmith.  If you have any questions about Camtasia or are interested in learning how to use Camtasia to record and edit your Educational Podcast, please leave us a question in the comments below or Tweet to us @PodcastingToday.

Are you looking to create dynamic video tutorials for your students this year?

Would you like to be able to quickly sit down and have a professional looking youtube video to help you grow your podcast channel or website?

This week, TechSmith, one of my favorite EdTech Companies released a brand new version of their flagship video editing application Camtasia 2019.  The new version comes complete with everything that you might need to create and edit classroom videos as well as online tutorials.

Today, we are proud to announce that Camtasia is being awarded the 2019 TeacherCast Best in Class Award for Best Classroom Screencasting and Video Editing Application.

What Can You Do With Camtasia?

There are many great screencasting applications available for teachers.  One of the things that I like about Camtasia 2019 is how easy it is to create a professional looking project.

How to Start Your First Camtasia Project

Navigating the Dashboard

Camtasia 2019 On Screen Dashboard

The Camtasia Dashboard is divided into three sections


The Timeline is where you will be doing the majority of your editing.  You have the options of seeing your entire project or zooming in to see only part of your project.


The Canvas is your visual monitor where you can view your Camtasia project.


The Tools menu is where you will find all of the available options for your video project.  Simply click on the button to activate the tool, or hover over the icon to learn what each one does.

Recording Your First Project

Camtasia 2019 Record Button

To record your first project, click on the red RECORD button on the top left.

Edit Video Like A Pro in Camtasia 2019

Once your project is recorded, you can now begin editing your video. Your recorded video will be placed in your Media Bin on the top left as well as in your timeline so you can get to work quickly.

Camtasia 2019 New Media in Dashboard

Anything that you are not interested in using can be easily trimmed using the Trim Tool or split using the Cut Tool.

Camtasia 2019 Trim Tool

Additional items such as titles, effects, or additional media can be inserted using the Tools Menu by dragging them into the Timeline.

Camtasia 2019 Insert Additional Media

Advanced Editing Features

Camtasia 2019 comes complete with a host of additional editing features such as transitions, effects, callouts, and lower thirds. The Canvas window allows you to drag and adjust all of the images in your project so you can quickly get your work done.

Camtasia 2019 Canvas Window Editing

Review and Publish Your Video

Once your project is finalized, Camtasia 2019 provides several exporting options including direct to Desktop and the ability to publish to any number of online platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Google Drive.

Camtasia 2019 Export Options

Save Time While Publishing

Are you looking to export your video to multiple platforms or multiple formats? Camtasia 2019 also gives you the ability to Batch Export your project and walk away from your computer.  This is a TIME SAVER!

What Can You Do With Video These Days?

Did you know that more than 400 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube every SECOND!  The question then needs to be asked … What are YOU sharing with the world?

Camtasia 2019 allows you to not only to create professional looking screencasts but also allows you to bring in existing video to be edited into one project.


As a podcaster, I record every show using a video capture tool rather than recording an audio file.  By using Camtasia 2019, I can easily edit my shows and publish the file to my favorite sharing platform.

Flipped Classroom Video Tutorials

If you are looking to really get into creating Flipped Classroom video tutorials for your staff or students, Camtasia 2019 is a fantastic choice.

One of the things that I enjoy about Camtasia is the ability to create a project template file filled with my logos and other media and then copy it for additional projects.

This saves a ton of time every time I start a new project.

Quick How-To Videos

Tech Coaches … this is where we spend more of our time… right?  A teacher is interested in learning how to do something and we need to quickly show off a skill.

The great thing about Camtasia is it gives us the ability to take a video and then record multiple audio tracks over it.

This is a fantastic way to not only create an explainer video but export a different video to a variety of teachers depending on their ability level.

Visit These Camtasia Resources

In addition to fantastic support on Twitter, Camtasia users can also take advantage of a host of great video tutorials found on their website.


If you are looking for an application that is quick, easy to use, and can streamline your video tutorials I highly recommend checking out Camtasia 2019.  They have a FREE Downloadable Trial version that you can download on their website and it is available for both Mac and PC operating systems.

For more information, please visit

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  • Easy to Get Setup
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  • Addresses 21st-Century Skills
  • Final Recommendation


Camtasia 2019 is the latest version of TechSmith's video recording lineup.  It is extremely easy to use and set up and once you get started using it, it is very simple to create templates that you can use to quickly create additional video projects. Although the price is of general concern for educators, the ability to create a professional looking project quickly as well as a robust feature set that includes Voice Overs, Video Call Outs, Transitions, and Interactive Quizzes are what set Camtasia 2019 above the rest of the applications in this category.

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