Video Preview: How can can I use Camtasia in my classroom?

In this video, Jason gives us a tour of the new interface and a new feature called “Behaviors.”  If you watch the entire video, you will learn how to enter a contest to win a free copy of Camtasia for your classroom!

Jason Valade, Customer Success Manager, TechSmith

In Jason’s six years as an educator, he continuously tried out new digital tools in his classroom. Now Jason brings his expertise to TechSmith, showing instructors how to use technology to transform the way they teach, and the way students learn.

Techsmith Education

Based in Okemos, Michigan, TechSmith provides over 180 countries around the world with screen capture and recording software for individual and professional use. We’ve made it our goal to give you tools that work just like you do, across multiple devices and locations.

Our desktop products, such as Snagit, Camtasia, TechSmith Relay, and Morae, make it easy to create compelling, polished content you can share with anyone. Paired along with our mobile apps and integrations we’re helping people collaborate and share across different devices and make sure you can be productive wherever you are.

By constantly listening to customers and innovating new ways to solve technology challenges, TechSmith has moved to the front of the visual communication field. Now more than 200 employees strong, TechSmith develops a variety of applications that narrow communication gaps through images, video, online hosting, and remote usability testing.

TechSmith has always helped you make great images and videos to communicate your ideas. Now we’re making a new commitment: to help you collaborate and share across your different devices and make sure you can be productive wherever you are.

How can I contact TechSmith for more info?

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