Keeping Students “Hands-On” During Hybrid Lessons using LEGO Education Products

LEGO Education Podcast

In this BONUS episode of Ask the Tech Coach, Jeff sits down with Dr. Jenny Nash from the LEGO Education Team to discuss how teachers can keep students safe in their classrooms while also creating a hands-on curriculum using LEGO Education products.

Topics Discussed:

About our Guest: Dr. Jenny Nash

​​Dr. Jenny Nash serves as the Head of Education Impact Team for LEGO Education in the US, where she provides direction and leadership in delivering meaningful education opportunities for students. With previous experiences as a professional development provider and Middle School Science teacher, Jenny is an advocate for hands-on, inquiry-based learning for students and building confidence in teachers to provide this type of learning. 

About LEGO Education

LEGO® Education believes that building children’s skills and expanding their knowledge through hands-on learning will enable them to succeed throughout their school years and into adulthood. Based on the LEGO® system of bricks, software, curriculum-relevant material, and physical and digital resources, LEGO® Education creates STEAM learning solutions that help students hone their creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills through real-world, engaging experiences.  

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