10 Roles and Responsibilities of Coaches (Coaching Matters Chapter 3)

Podcast: Coaching Matters Chapter 3

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss Chapter 3 of Coaching Matters “Roles and Responsibilities for Coaches”

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Ten Roles and Responsibilities of Coaches

Resource Provider

  • Sharing and creating instructional resources with teachers

Data Coach

  • Guiding teachers to access, analyze, and use relevant, formal, and informal data from multiple sources
  • Help teachers learn how to gather data
  • Help teachers to reflect through data
  • Facilitating conversations that engage teachers in analyzing and using a variety of data to access student learning and adapt instruction

Instructional Specialist

  • Engaging teachers in planning instruction and using effective, high-impact teaching strategies
  • Facilitate planning of Tier 1 Instruction, and explores many ways for accessing learning and differentiating instruction, applying content-specific pedagogical instruction, and using instructional models that support student-centered instruction

Curriculum Specialist

  • Deep content knowledge and are able to unpack standards to develop or use learning progressions or pacing charts for planning units and lessons
  • Assisting teachers in accessing and using district curricula to align instruction to standards.
  • Helping teachers integrate learning across disciplines to reinforce learning outcomes
  • Building consistency and coherence across classrooms, grade levels, courses, and schools to ensure that the curriculum is implemented with integrity to ensure equity in learning

Classroom Supporter

  • Working inside of classrooms to help teachers implement new effective instruction, practice new strategies, and implement curricula to promote student success
  • Providing demonstrated lessons, co-teach, or observe and facilitate reflection conversations with teachers.
  • Working to enhance teachers efficacy and improve teaching and student learning
  • Planning and reflecting together on teaching and student learning.
  • Raising a teacher's consciousness and skillfulness about making on the spot instructional decisions that respond to student learning needs.

Learning Facilitator

  • Facilitate individual, small-group, and whole-faculty professional learning among staff members.


  • Mentoring novice teachers or new-to-the-school teachers
  • Serving as role models, acculturate new teachers to the school, and advice new teachers about instruction, curriculum, procedures, practices, and school politics

School Leader

  • Modeling continual improvement
  • Reflecting on their work by engaging in the feedback process
  • Experimenting with new ideas
  • Taking risks
  • Assisting with School Improvement projects

Catalyst for Change

  • Being a visionary who “never content with the status quo but rather always looking for a better way”
  • Coaches feel secure in their own work and are committed to continual improvement
  • Prompting teachers to analyze student learning
  • Questioning the status quo
  • Engaging others in exploring possibilities, and identifying the undiscussable within a school


  • Modeling continual improvement
  • Reflecting on their work by engaging in the feedback process
  • Experimenting with new ideas and taking risks
  • Using what they learn to contribute to the success of all teachers and students
  • Supporting the success of students by strengthening the effectiveness of teaching
  • Building a teachers commitment to continuous improvement through professional learning
  • Sending a powerful message about the importance of professional learning as a vehicle for student success

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