How To Create Successful Coaching Cycles With Your Teachers

What Are Coaching Cycles?

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Sue discuss Chapter 4 of Coaching Matters. In this chapter, you will learn the differences, as well as the pro's and con's of both 1:1 and Team Coaching.

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Coaching Cycle as a Structure

  • A Common way to structure coaches work is through a Coaching CycleCoaching Cycles are a series of interactions with an individual or team of teachers over timeThey have a goal for both teacher and student learning
  • The goals are developed in collaboration with the client and based on teacher and student learning needs
  • Coaching cycles could be multiple days to multiple weeks
  • Coaching Cycle ExamplesStudent Learning GoalsIncrease student performance on an assessment by X%
  • Teacher Learning GoalsIncrease teacher understanding of the learning goal and capacity to develop and implement guided and independent practice tasks to support students
  • Coaching Learning GoalsIncrease capacity to observe and record student cognitive behaviors data during classroom observations
  • A Coaching Cycle is a structure that defines how a coach and teacher work togetherCoaching Cycles IncludeDefining how a coach and teacher work together
  • Defining the learning goal for students and teacher (and coach)
  • Delineates the learning process that will be used to achieve the goal and establishes a way to measure success.
  • Coaching Cycles can be described asOne Teacher … One DayAll parts of a coaching cycle happen on a single dayPlanning – Demonstration – Coteaching – Observation – Debriefing and Reflection
  • A Coach may check in a few days later to learn about progress towards the goal and may set up time for future reflection or conversation
  • Several Teachers on a TeamCoach meets with the team of teachers to establish student learning goals
  • Coach meets with individual teachers or work with team
  • Coach may meet with a smaller group inside the team
  • Coach may facilitate common planning and debriefing conversations with the team using student evidence and observational data
  • Coach may create individual coaching cycles for individual teachers
  • Multiweek Coaching CyclesThe Coach works with a small number of teachers over several weeks with a sustained time in each teachers classroom
  • Coach and teacher focus on goals together based on student needs and desired outcomes
  • The coach may demonstrate in front of the students
  • Constant reflection is useful
  • Partial Coaching CyclesCoaches and teachers agree to occasionally connect and create an abbreviated cycle focusing only on one component of teacher learning rather than the entire process.
  • If a coach's work is structured in a coaching cycle, it is essential to delineate and communicate what the cycle is, how teachers will access time to meet with coaches and expectations for each cycle's timeframe and goals.

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