How to Introduce Yourself To Your Staff as a Tech Coach

Ask the Tech Coach Podcast episode 14

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick discuss why it’s important to start the school year off on the right foot. So many times, tech coaches want to jump in and impress their teachers with how much they know and how big their website is. In reality, this is the opposite.

In order to have a successful start to the school year, it is important that you ask questions of your staff and get them to learn about your program and your intentions for working with them as a coach. It’s also important that you make yourself available to their needs as teachers.

Do you have suggestions or tips for starting the school year off on the best foot? We would love to have you leave a comment or contact us to be a part of our Tech Coaching community.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections and reactions from Episode 13: How to provide staff self-assessments.
  • Blog Post: What should we be asking our teachers when it comes to technology?
  • Should we be collecting data on our teachers?
  • Who sees that data?
  • How to collect accurate data but not use it to harm our staff/administration relationships
  • Tech Coach Mastermind SignupThe Instructional Technology Coach Mastermind
  • What is a Mastermind?An exclusive community of Tech Coaches
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • A place where Tech Coaches Help other Tech Coaches
  • How will it work?Monthly Video MeetingsTo share and collaborate
  • To learn best practices
  • To support each other
  • What do Tech Coaches get for joining?Free Resources created by members of the group
  • News and Updates from our EdTech Community BEFORE everyone else
  • An extended Network of Tech Coaches to learn on throughout the year
  • AccountabilityDuring each meeting, we will set goals for each other to help our programs move forward
  • A positive environment for learning how to be a tech coach
  • Access to our Private Tech Coach Facebook Group
  • How to participate?Fill out this form and we will send you information in September
  • Who should join the Tech Coach Mastermind?Instructional Technology CoachesFull Time
  • Part Time
  • Teachers interested in learning about becoming an Instructional Tech Coach
  • Goal Setting Individuals
  • Tech Coaches who are looking to contribute to a community just as much as they are looking to get something back from a community.
  • How to Introduce Yourself on the First Day of School
  • Blog Post: How to Introduce Yourself and Have a Great First Week of School as a Tech Coach
  • The importance of “not over doing it” on the first day
  • You don’t have to impress them … just impress ON them what your goals are for helping them AND their students
  • Listen, Listen, ListenWhat was exciting about last year?
  • What was frustrating?
  • What are your plans for this year and how can I help you achieve those goals?
  • Showcase … don’t Show Off your resources
  • Leave with with something they can use tomorrow in their classes.
  • On the Next Episode
  • How to keep a record of your daily teacher interactionsBest method to keep your records?
  • What do you do with that data?
  • Do you talk to your teachers about the data?
  • Do you talk to your administrators about the data?

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This weeks question is:


What are you doing this year to introduce yourself to your staff and students?

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In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

Tech Coach Tip of the Week

  • Learning comes first. Give your teachers an opportunity to just play with the tool before diving in head first. Then, assess where they are and what they want to know. This personalizes it to their specific needs and they will welcome the change of pace.

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