How to Use Project Based Learning Strategies to Get Students Excited About Face-to-Face Learning.

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Welcome to “Ask the Tech Coach,” a podcast for Instructional Coaches and Technology Integration Specialists.

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan welcome Tract co-founders Esther Wojcicki and Ari Memar, a peer-to-peer online community designed for kids in grades 3 – 12 to discover new interests, fuel their creativity, and develop 21st Century skills through engaging classes and clubs led by outstanding student leaders who inspire, mentor, and guide kid's learning. onto the program to discuss the importance of having all of our students exited to come to school each day to experience dynamic learning experiences.

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About Tract

Tract is the world’s first peer-to-peer learning platform that provides kids ages 8+ with project-based learning activities to ignite their imagination and help them develop creativity, independence, critical thinking skills, and skills in problem-solving. Tract content can be used in school or at home in a 100 percent ad-free environment that is moderated and curated by a team of education experts led by Esther Wojcicki. Learn more at

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About our Guests

Esther Wojcicki – Tract Cofounder + Chief Learning Officer

Esther Wojcicki is known as the GodMother of Silicon Valley because of the number of highly successful students coming out of her program at Palo Alto High. She is co-founder of TractLearning, Inc (2020), founder of the largest scholastic media program in the US at Palo Alto High (1984), the 2002 California Teacher of the Year; a 2009 MacArthur Foundation Research Fellow. Dr. Wojcicki was Chair of Creative Commons, Chair of PBS Learning Matters, and on the Board of the Freedom Forum, the Newseum, & the Alliance for Excellent Education. She co-founded the Journalistic Learning Initiative at the University of Oregon, is CEO of (2019) and holds three honorary doctorates. She is the author of Moonshots in Education (2014) and How to Raise Successful People (May, 2019). She is mother of CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki; CEO of 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki, and Fulbright Scholar, Janet Wojcicki.

Ari Memar = Tract Cofounder + CEO

Ari Memar is the CEO and Co-founder of Tract – the world's first peer-to-peer learning community – which he started with his former high school teacher, Esther Wojcicki. Prior to starting Tract, Ari was a Product Leader at Uber, helping start and scale several new business lines within Uber's New Mobility division.

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