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Welcome to “Ask the Tech Coach,” a podcast for Instructional Coaches and Technology Integration Specialists.

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with Scott Nunes from Canva to discuss the differences and similarities between the Tech Coach position and the Customer Success Manager role found in many EdTech companies and how they can both be used to ensure that students and teachers are getting the most out of their digital devices and applications each day.

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Are Coaches in the Business of Customer Success?

  • What is a Customer Success Manager?
  • How does a CSM compare to a Coach?
  • What are CSM’s responsible for?
  • What does a Customer Success Manager Do?
    • Working with all levels of education and educational leadership
    • The importance of building rapport with your end users
    • Ways to stay organized as a Tech Coach and a CSM
      • Using your calendar to your advantage
      • The importance of self-reflection
    • The importance of being a part of a team … yet being your own boss
      • Time Management Skills (SO IMPORTANT!)
    • How can a Coach and CSM be effective in their roles?
      • Build relationships first … then identify needs … then create a strategy
      • Create SMART Goals as a Coach and help teachers create goals of their own
    • What are metrics that a CSM needs to be aware of?

About our Guest Scott Nunes

Scott Nunes is an energetic ELA Teacher turned Edtech Coach, Consultant, and now district Engagement Advocate for Canva! This aspiring author has zeal for Design, AR/VR, 3D Printing, and PBL. He builds on his 20+ years as a freelance Graphic Designer to bring real world relevance to classrooms around the world. When he isn’t busy podcasting (Education Today) he can be found sharing on Twitter (@MrNunesTeach). Scott is all about building relationships and uplifting teacher and student voices while advocating for belonging, choice, and creating positive work cultures that empower stakeholders to achieve a unifying vision.

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