How Do You Become a Tech Coach YouTuber?

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Welcome to “Ask the Tech Coach,” a podcast for Instructional Coaches and Technology Integration Specialists.

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan welcome Sam Kary, Thom Gibson, and Amy Fusarelli to discuss video production and how to get started, craft the perfect video to make something that your teachers want to watch and learn from.

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Video Production Tips & Tricks

  • Let’s chat about all of this in the context of YouTube – 2nd largest search engine
  • Video Types
    • Search based
    • Discover Based – Video recommended on the backend of another video
    • Community Based with a core audience who will always come back and watch your videos
    • YouTube style vs. Classroom videos
    • Vlog
    • Tutorial
    • Does one work over the other?
      • What draws the person in?
      • Make it appealing
      • Look at length and amount of details needed
    • Getting Started
    • Process
      • Figure out who your audience is and plan your videos accordingly
        • Just for your teachers
        • Global audience
      • Be ready to evolve with your audience and their needs
      • Develop your own design skills and know your time frame available for content creation
    • Equipment
      • Cell phone camera for start up process
      • CAMO app to use phone wirelessly as a webcam
      • Be aware of screen resolution – If you have a larger monitor use it for recording
      • Audio – Microphone
        • Rode Wireless Go Mic – connects to camera and individual and then use a lavalier. This allows for better calibration.
          • Also good for short form content such as Tik-Tok or videos where you are moving
        • Fifine – Desk microphone –
        • Be aware of room acoustics – preferably a room with carpet
        • Keep microphone as close as possible to your mouth
      • Camera
        • ZVE Sony camera
        • Shure MV7
      • Applications
        • Screencastify – free and simple for beginners
        • Screen recording to WeVideo to YouTube– Amy
          • Plan out on Google Slides
          • Background Music
        • Screen-Cast-O-Matic Recorder & Editor – Susan
        • Canva for Thumbnail graphic creation
        • Screenflow for recording
        • tv – shows various views of what thumbnail would look like
      • Crafting the Perfect Video
      • Promoting Channel / Videos
        • Facebook vs. YouTube – algorithim doesn’t “get along”
        • Promotion across platforms may not actually be a good idea in all cases
        • Focus on making the most optimal content for YouTube – Let YouTube decide to put the content in front of people
        • Use your own video to promote your other videos
        • Watch for including too many calls to action

About our Guests

Sam Kary

Sam is an ISTE Certified Educator, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and Founder & CEO of New EdTech Classroom.

Sam started his career in public education in 2010 as a Teach for America corps member in Richmond, CA, and continued teaching at Title 1 schools in the Bay Area for the next decade. During that time Sam also spent several summers working as Lead Instructional Coach at Breakthrough San Francisco.

Sam lives in northern California with his wife and two dogs, and enjoys skiing, cycling, and working in the garden.

Thom Gibson

Thom Gibson is a two-time teacher of the year educator, creative director at New EdTech Classroom, educational consultant, and an Adobe Education Leader. He has taught middle-school math, robotics, and YouTube Video Production

Outside of education, he's a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an avid runner, a chicken wing (and ranch) connoisseur, and is actively involved in his church.  He, his wife Sara, and daughter Audrey live in Austin, TX.

Amy Fusarelli

Amy has been a middle school teacher since 1995.  She has taught Social Studies, Science, Math and Robotics in three different Title 1 districts.   She is in her second year as a Digital Learning Instructional Coach at Ponus Ridge STEAM Academy in Norwalk, CT.  Her school is a participating in a grant awarded by Verizon and Digital Promise and she is acting as a Verizon Innovative Learning School Coach for the grant.   Her main job is to coach teachers in bringing their students up the SAMR ladder and create digital, innovative projects where students are provided with choice as they work collaboratively.

In her free time, she coaches volleyball for girls and boys high school as well as club.  She also loves to spend as much time as she can with her 10 nieces and nephews, especially watching all their sports games.  She currently lives in CT.

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