Learning Management Systems and the Digital Classroom

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In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick discuss our latest post “The Great Learning Management System Debate” and share several ways that Tech Coaches can assist their school districts in creating a digital learning environment in all classrooms.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections and reactions
  • Episode 18: How To Choose The Best Presentation Topic For a Faculty MeetingWhat if your admin chooses a topic the teachers don’t like and you all just have to suffer through the presentation?
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  • Tech Coaching with Learning Management SystemsWhat does a Digital Classroom look like?
  • How do you share your vision of a Digital Classroom with your admin to start driving a digital culture in your building?
  • How are Tech Coaches preparing our teachers to teach in digital classrooms?
  • Is an LMS a tool or a burden for teachers?
  • What do students want in an LMS?
  • What features do you look for in an LMS?
  • The role of parents in a digital learning environment.
  • How do you encourage “the shift” in teaching styles?
  • Popular Learning Management SystemsSchoologyvisual appeal of a social media application like Facebook
  • offers a wide array of customization and personalization
  • invites creativity, collaboration, and communication
  • Great for gamification
  • Canvasfully customizable platform
  • link their accounts to their other social media applications
  • small groups function helps teachers give consistent feedback
  • Google Classroom Simplicity
  • Everything in one feed/stream
  • discreetly send students who struggle individualized assignments
  • How can we model Digital Learning as Tech Coaches through LMS Professional Development courses.
  • How can we determine if an LMS is successful?
  • On the Next Episode
  • How To Create a Great 1:1 Relationship with Your Staff Members
  • Having empathy while getting your job done
  • The importance of walking the hallways
  • Surviving the faculty lunchroom
  • Treating your teachers as equals … but students
  • Supporting teachers in the classroom -vs- observing teachers in the classroom
  • Future EpisodesEpisode 19: Creating a great 1:1 relationship with your staff
  • Episode 20: Tech Coach Websites
  • Episode 21: The 3 best ways to train your staff … when they don’t care about the topic

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • When using an LMS as a tech coach, take an opportunity to model best classroom practices. This goes a long way in showing teachers what IS possible with aanLMS.

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