How to teach Programming and Coding to Pre Readers using “The Foos”

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The Foos Studio brings programming into the game design. With The Foos, students can not only learn about game design, but how to create dynamic content playable by the world.

Last year during CSEDWEEK The Foos was introduced to the world. The cute characters helped students understand programming fundamentals, and it was so fun they asked for more.

Grant Hosford, CEO of Codespark and Foos creator, has upgraded the play and learning in the Foos by adding the Foos Studio. In the Studio students design their own stories to help the Foos make a movie. In addition to playing the puzzle-solving levels, students can play and design a video game. In the Studio, our favorite characters are controlled by joystick-style buttons. Students can build their own levels and share them, and they love it.

The first time I put my afterschool K-4 coding club in The Foos studio something strange happened, the kids all entered flow state. For over 20 minutes, no one had to use the restroom or asked to do anything else. When they did start talking again the first words were “I built a great level, who wants to build my level!”

Engaged and empowered? yes, please. The Foos Studio brings programming into the game design. There are NPC's that the student can code to help or hinder the hero. Many of the props and set pieces in the game are also programmable. What is jumpier than a trampoline? obviously, one that has been programmed to jump with a forever loop.

Where Can I Find “The Foos?”

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