What is a Standards-based Mindset? | Featuring Kellie Ady from Schoology

Standards Based Learning

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick welcome Kellie Ady from Schoology on the program to discuss how teachers can approach a Standards-based mindset.

What is Standards-based Grading?

Standards-Based Grading measures a student’s mastery of grade-level standards by prioritizing the most recent, consistent level of performance. The learning targets are aligned with the standards and students are offered multiple ways to demonstrate understanding and proficiency. As this goes own, students monitor their own progress toward hitting these targets and teacher feedback is given consistently to help build motivation and progress.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections from Last Week: Tech Coach Roundtable
  • Building a Tech Coach brand is important and something that needs to be discussed.
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  • How To Create a Standards-based Mindset
  • What is a Standards-based Mindset?
  • 5 Ways to Approach a Standards-based MindsetGet Proficient with Standards and ScalesShow several examples
  • Give students a clear goal to achieve
  • Talk your students walk through the rubric and how they would grade the assignments
  • Realize the Power of RubricsFigure out what standards you are addressing and discuss what each of the levels of a rubric would look like.
  • Have students collaborate with you on the rubric
  • Factor in the 0 FactorNot everything needs to be in the official grade book.
  • How can we give kids feedback without it being negative on their grade?
  • Try more TriesGive students additional opportunities to get it correct.
  • Should our goal be to rank our students or to get our students learning and progressing?
  • Master the Mastery AreaMoving students beyond the traditional grading portal and giving them a way to check their understanding of skills.
  • Creating a culture around Standards-based learning?Mindset Shifts around grading practices
  • Thinking in terms of proficiency
  • Thinking in terms of perception
  • Using Schoology for Professional Development
  • Modeling blended or hybrid learning
  • Extending the learning
  • Leveraging things like badges & gamification
  • On the Next Episode
  • Online Courses
  • Creating Tech Coach Resumes


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About our Guest

Kellie Ady

Kellie Ady, an “almost native” of Colorado, spent 25 years in public education before joining Schoology in 2016. In her current role as the Senior Director of Instructional Strategy, she works with districts across the country who are implementing digital learning initiatives. As an educator, she spent the first half of her career as a high school English teacher in the Denver metro area before becoming a technology coordinator at both the school and district level. In her position as the District Instructional Technology Coordinator, she led district-level efforts in supporting and implementing various instructional technology and curriculum initiatives, including professional learning around impacting instruction with technology. Kellie has presented nationally at conferences, including ISTE, CoSN, Learning Forward, and Schoology NEXT. Kellie is passionate about anytime, anywhere learning and affecting systemic change.

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About Schoology

Schoology seamlessly connects learning management with assessments so that school districts can improve student performance, foster collaboration throughout their community, and personalize learning for every student. Every day millions of students, parents, faculty and administrators from nearly 2,000 K-12 school districts leverage Schoology to advance what is possible in education.

Schoology is where students and teachers go everyday for teaching and learning. We provide everything from classroom fundamentals such as tests and discussions as well as views on student progress against state standards. Ultimately, Schoology creates a collaborative environment where districts can personalize learning and improve student outcomes.

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This weeks question is:

Question: How are you using your learning management system for professional development?

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • There are several great ways to use your learning management system. It’s always best to keep student achievement at the forefront of your classroom decisions. Keep asking yourself the question …. “What do you want your students to be able to do with the information you are giving them?”

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