5 Ways For Tech Coaches To Get Personalized Professional Development

ATTC52 Personalized Tech Coach PD

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff welcomes Claudio Zavala Jr on the show to discuss 5 Things a Tech Coach can do to develop their own personalized professional development strategy.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Reflections from Last Week
  • ISTE 2019: Tech Coach Workshop
  • Saturday, June 23: [12:30]3 – Hour Hands-On Workshop
  • A chance to meet other Tech Coaches
  • How to start the year off as a new tech coach
  • How to build relationships with your teachers and administrators
  • How to build an EdTech Integration Plan for your school district
  • Where to find support and resources during the school year
  • Discount on the 2019 Tech Coach Mastermind Program
  • Tech Coach MastermindJoin the Tech Coach Mastermind and learn how to help your school district today!2 Mastermind group meetings each month
  • 1:1 Coachings with Jeff and Nick
  • Lifetime access to our Tech Coach Online Community
  • Free Lesson Plans
  • Free Templates
  • Much Much More
  • Payment Discounts2 Month Promo Code: 50
  • 6 Month Promo Code: 100
  • 12 Month Promo Code: 150
  • Websitewww.TeacherCast.net/Mastermind
  • Build Your EDU Brand Online CourseFREE Email CourseSelecting Your Avatar
  • Content Creation Tips & Tricks
  • Website Strategy
  • SEO
  • How to build a newsletter
  • And more …
  • Do You Have a Question For Us?www.TeacherCast.net/VoiceMail
  • Twitter: @AskTheTechCoach
  • Email: feedback@teachercast.net
  • What Do Tech Coaches Do To Satisfy Their Own Professional Development?Why is it important for Tech Coaches to keep up with Professional Development?
  • Is Twitter an acceptable form of Professional Learning for Tech Coaches?
  • How can Tech Coaches get the PD they need during the school year if they are constantly being asked to provide the PD
  • 5 Things Tech Coaches can do to engage in professional learningAttend Conferences & present Edcamp’s
  • ISTE
  • ISTE Creative Constructor Lab
  • Support local conferences (TCEA for me)
  • https://www.edchangeglobal.com
  • Engage other Tech CoachesOnline Twitter Conversations
  • Google Groups
  • Flipgrid
  • Face to Face meetings
  • Start a Blog or Podcast or YouTubePersonalized Professional Development
  • Write a bookThis is a long term goal
  • Share expertise
  • Meet UpsThe idea stems from photo group
  • What can school districts do to support higher level PD for Tech Coaches?

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Tech Tip of the Week

  • Tech Coaches and Professional Development specialists are often the ones called upon to be the master encyclopedias of 21st-century learning, but it’s also important to remember that Tech Coaches need professional development themselves … often at a much higher level. It’s important that we support all learning styles in our school district as well as skill levels.

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