4 Things For Tech Coaches To Look Forward To In A New School Year

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In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick launch a brand new season of the podcast and share 4 things that Tech Coaches can look forward to this school year.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • New Adventures For A New School Year
  • Jeff: New School District
  • New Tech Coach Position
  • Nick: New approaches to professional developmentTeacher Genius Hour
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Style
  • Guiding teachers during the planning and design phase“The Lesson Remix”
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  • 4 Things To Look Forward To This Year As Tech Coaches
  • Guiding Your School District Through Technology TransformationsWorking with Principals and Building Leaders to help them achieve their goals
  • Creating Data Dashboards to help keep track of Digital Literacy for Buildings, Teachers, and Students
  • Meeting district goals (i.e. Living in a Connected World)
  • Mentoring Teacher and Staff Member Digital TransformationsFormulating a solid plan to transition from Professional Development Days to Small Group sessions to in classroom mentoring
  • Working with teachers to redesign lesson and unit plans that incorporate technology in both seamless and more effective ways.
  • Working with Students Through Digital LiteracyNew Lessons focusing on updated features of our favorite apps
  • Same Students … New Year … A Little Bit Older
  • Collaborating with Tech Coaches Through Personalized Learning ExperiencesMastermind 2.0
  • Tech Coach Online Course
  • On the Next Episode
  • Episode 60: Creating Professional Relationships with Teachers That Translate Into Classroom Collaborations

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Tech Coach Tip of the Week

  • As the school year gets started and Tech Coaches begin to get a sense of where their teachers and students are with their Technology Integration skills, it’s a good idea to take a step back before the craziness happens and get yourself organized for the long road ahead.

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