Effective Planning for Technology Integration

Planning For Effective Digital Learning

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff unpacks the key steps needed to begin planning your school district's Educational Technology Integration Plan. In this episode, you will learn why it’s important to not only clearly define your scope and sequence for creating a digital classroom but also why it’s important to give your teachers yearly benchmarks that will effectively meet the ISTE standards.

If this topic is new to you, I would like to suggest that you also listen to Episode 64 where we first introduce the concept of EdTech Integration Plans and how they are created in response to your school district's Strategic Plan.

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In this episode, we discuss:

Reflections from Last Week

  • Have you as a Tech Coach looked at your district's Strategic Plan and really understood how many of your district goals fall on your shoulders?

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How To Plan Your EdTech Integration Plan … Effectively

What is an EdTech Integration Plan?

The Importance of Planning To Plan

  • Having conversations with your staff about what they see in the classrooms and what is being taught to students.
  • Speak with other school districts about how they are developing their digital learning plans and how they are integrating their Tech Coaches into the conversations.

Gathering Your Resources

  • Strategic Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • Teachers / Administrators / Tech Coaches

Start By Asking The Difficult Questions

  • How do we define “Digital Learning”
  • How are students being taught in the classroom?
  • Are teachers comfortable teaching in a Digital Classroom?
  • Are we properly supporting teachers in their digital classrooms?Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Understanding of Difficulties
  • Celebrating their Accomplishments and Failures

Unpacking the ISTE Standards

  • Standards for Students
  • Standards for Teachers
  • Standards for Administrators
  • Standards for Coaches

Defining our Verticals

  • What do we want students to learn by specific grades
  • Remember to work backward
  • Listen to what your teachers complain about

Start With Students … End With Students

  • The focus of your EdTech Integration Plan is to remember that it’s a document that will not only declare what students will be learning during the year, but how they will be learning and how the Tech Coach will be interacting with that learning to lead the drive towards a digital learning environment.

On the Next Episode

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  • Episode 67: The Importance of Having School District Buy-In With Your EdTech Integration Plan
  • Episode 68: What Happens After You Draft Your EdTech Integration Plan

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