Finding Harmony in EdTech Integration

Finding Harmony In Tech Integration

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with Assistant Principal Josh Stamper to have a candid discussion on how Tech Coaches can successfully navigate the political waters of both a building and school district when trying to lead from within.  

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4 Questions To Ask When It Comes To Creating A Digital Learning Action Plan

  • Why is it important to share your vision of EdTech Integration with your district?Everyone is in on the conversation
  • Every building can be on the same page
  • You create a shared vision for what should be happening in the classroom
  • How do you create a unified vision of Tech Integration?Classroom visits
  • Conversations with both teachers administrators, and community
  • Creating an EdTech Integration Staff Survey to learn what your teachers tell you they need to know
  • How do you unify your role as a Tech Coach across multiple grade levels and buildings?Monthly conversations with your principal/administrators
  • Invite yourself in building, department, and grade-level meetings
  • Common NewsletterBy Subject
  • By Grade Level
  • What happens if/when you don’t have a unified vision for Tech IntegrationDo the best you can
  • Don’t force the issue
  • Rebrand the concept

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  • 4 Ways To Encourage Tech Integration For All Staff Members

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