5 New Years Tech Coach Resolutions for 2020

New Years Resolutions for Tech Coaches

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff shares some new adventures in Tech Coaching and encourages Tech Coaches worldwide to create their list of New Years Tech Coach Resolutions with the podcast.

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Five Tech Coach New Year's Resolutions

Reorganize Your Digital Files

  • Look through your “MyDrive” and organize and rename anything that needs to be organized.
  • Archive your Google Classrooms
  • Add items to multiple folders if needed

Update Your Tutorials To Reflect New Updates

  • Look on Social Media for news and updates from your favorite EdTech Companies
  • Scan your PLN to see if they have new ways to use your favorite apps and include those in your presentations
  • Create one new way of teaching a popular skill or lesson in your district.

Check-in With Administration

  • Reach out to Principals, AP’s, and Supervisors to make sure that the goals they had in the summer are still current.
  • How can you help move things forward in the classroom based on their teacher observations

Reach Out To Teachers Whom You May Not Have Spoken With Recently

  • Make a goal to create 2-3 new friendships each month that have nothing to do with technology.
  • Rekindle relationships with teachers whom you may have lost touch with
  • Find teachers who you worked with last year during this season and see if you can help them take those projects to the next level.

Reflect On What Has Happened … And What Is Yet To Come

  • Think back to the year so far and journal what you would like to accomplish this year.

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