Should Tech Coaches Support Social Media Habits In Todays Classrooms?

Should Tech Coaches Help Teachers With Social Media_

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss the importance of Social Media in todays classrooms and academic programs.

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How Can Tech Coaches Support Social Media Usage In The Classroom

  • Should classrooms involve the community in their daily activities?
    • It is important to bring the community stakeholders, and of course, parents in so they see the positive things going on in schools and classroom.
    • So much feedback comes from parents who enjoy seeing their students in photos throughout the day doing normal activities.
  • Should teachers create Social Media accounts?
    • Keep in mind school/district guidelines in personal vs. professional accounts.
    • Many people use Twitter in a more professional manner and Facebook for personal. Susan talks about this concept as Twitter stays professional with her, but Facebook is majorly personal with professional items added in because a tech coach and educator is “Who I Am, and I enjoy sharing that with family and friends.
  • Should school programs create Social Media accounts?
    • This is, often, handled through a district or school PR department as they develop policies in many cases as to how posts should be structured.
    • Sometimes, though, it is up the the teacher/sponsor of the program to create these accounts and keep them going to recognize student achievements.
  • Rules to follow when it comes to social posting
    • Know the school policy on photos and social media
    • Work with your school district PR department (if you have one)
    • Work with your teacher to see if students are or are not allowed to be on Social Media
  • When to post … or not to post
    • Talk this over with your principal/district leadership and gauge their support with posting to recognize student work and accomplishments.
    • Many teachers use apps such as Class Dojo, Seesaw, Bloomz, etc to share quick photos of students which parents love to see.
    • If it is something great going on and you are featuring various angles of a lesson or project, by all means, post those as soon as possible.

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