How Should Distance Learning Look When Schools Need To Close?

Distance Learning

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss the many questions surrounding distance learning including how to approach the idea as well as logistical consideration to think about surrounding teacher work hours, etc.

In this episode, we discuss:

Reflections from Last Week:

  • In last week’s episode, we talked about what professional development looks like for us as Tech Coaches. 

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What is Distance Learning?

    • Distance learning can take the form of a class being conducted within a building or district for various student needs. It can also go so far as going from outside of a district for international study or college study.
  • Reasons for Distance Learning
    • Lack of course offering at a specific building
    • Dual Credit for college courses
    • Homebound/Extended illness
    • Need for bringing in experts on a particular topic during a normal instructional course
  • Questions/Items to consider when approaching the idea of Distance Learning
    • Safety for members and students – Ask questions to your district/building administration, find out what (if any) plans or procedures are in place
    • Actions/guidance from the DOE – Are there mandates at the state level regarding time off for “non-traditional” instruction?
    • Challenge to remote learning – What are the procedures for administering distance learning assignments? What about those students without a device or internet access?
    • Lost wages for some parents that have to stay home – Ask questions to your district/building on how to best address parent concerns that may arise.
    • Not thorough and efficient for special needs students – Think about ways to meet student IEP/differentiation requirements in a distance learning environment.
    • No breakfast and lunch programs for students in need – What resources are in place in the community that could help address the physical needs of the students?

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