How To Help Your School District Make Good Purchasing Decisions

Helping Your District Make Good Purchasing Decisions

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan talk about evaluating tech tools, things to consider,  and working with administrators on purchasing needed technology for physical and virtual classrooms.

How To Help Your District Purchase EdTech

  1. Have meaningful discussions with your administrators
    1. Discuss the Why and the How in addition to the Who
    2. What is your purpose for purchasing this?
  2. Test Drive the Free Demos
    1. Many demos are still available through June. Give them a try and see what works best for your school and teachers.
  3. Make Friends with the Companies on Social Media
    1. These relationships offer many benefits to pilot new features and in many cases discounts and benefits of their ambassador programs.
  4. Discuss training and implementation of new applications (both physically and virtually)
    1. Think about all the different ways training should take place for different learning styles and needs for the time.
    2. Video tutorial, written instructional guides, face to face presentations
  5. Ask the question: “Should you be bringing in new tools”
    1. Is this a top down tool or a bottom up tool?
    2. Purpose is huge here. Don’t purchase a tool because it is the “trendy” thing to do. Fully evaluate how it will benefit your teachers efficiency.

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