How to Become a Tech Coach in 2020: Tips & Tricks to Nailing Your First Interview!

How to Find a Tech Coach Job

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan talk about evaluating tech tools, things to consider,  and working with administrators on purchasing needed technology for physical and virtual classrooms.

How to Score Your First Tech Coach Position

Getting Qualified for the Interview

  • What makes you qualified to become a Tech Coach?
    • Reflect upon and own your strengths; don’t be afraid to tout your knowledge with back information of how your knowledge can help others.
    • Remember just because you are a “tech geek”, it doesn’t always make you a good tech coach. A good tech coach needs to be able to talk the tech talk, but also talk the talk at the level of the teacher/user/beginner, etc.
  • Are EdTech Badges necessary?
  • Should you look to get out of the classroom?
    • Reflection – Know your WHY!  Why are you really wanting a position like this, make sure you have motivation driving you and not burn out or frustration driving you away from something else!
  • At what age are you qualified to begin teaching adults?

Writing Your Resume

  • What does a Tech Coach resume look like?
  • How do you condense into a single page that usually takes up a ton of space?

Preparing for the Interview

  • What do you bring with you?
  • Do you need a Tech Coach resume website?
  • How to do your homework on each school district.

Nailing the Job

  • How to prepare for your first Tech Coach job interview?
  • What should you focus on?
  • What should you not focus on?

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