How To Run A Successful Virtual Bootcamp As Summer Professional Development

Virtual Bootcamps for Professional Development

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan talk about what summer PD and the summer conference training season will look like as we move forward in planning for a new school year and training teachers. 

5 Strategies for Running a Successful Professional Development Bootcamp

A lot of what we have been doing in our classrooms over the recent weeks is going to hold over into summer professional development and conference planning as we work to train veteran teachers and newly hired teachers in virtual teaching strategies that can be successfully blended easily into a face to face classroom.

  • Relevancy – How do I determine what my teachers need? Have a vision of what the trainings should accomplish and for whom.
  • Flexibility – What are the advantages of running online trainings?
    • Anytime, Anywhere
    • Differentiated for the teacher giving them choice
    • Can be Self-Paced
    • Teach the idea of Flipped Learning by structuring PD this way
  • Getting Cute with Professional Development
  • Global Collaboration – 
    • Virtual bootcamp style PD sessions allows for you to bring more teachers together especially if you are covering an entire school district. Many times coaches have to go from school to school and present the same training. Virtual allows you to bring those teachers together and create connections and encourage collaboration across the school system.

Other Ideas:

  • Create your own PD online or vet what already exists and curate it for your teachers using YouTube Playlists, Wakelet, etc., etc.
  • Twitter Chats for your teachers
  • FB Groups for your school or district to provide training materials/resources
  • If you are presenting online “synchronously” have a moderator to help monitor the chat 

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