How to Onboard New Teachers into Your District During a Global Pandemic

Surviving New Teacher Orientation

Are you looking forward to a new school year but it is just too early to bring new teachers into the building for training? Learn how to make the best PD decisions today!

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan discuss a variety of ways that school districts can be successful onboarding new teachers before the school gets started!

Whether it is physical or virtual, introduce yourself as the coach/trainer via video and send it out prior so they have a name, face, and voice to put together to make them feel more at ease.

Physical Training

  • Acknowledge the various levels of background knowledge of the teachers coming in.
  • Think about a self-paced checklist for them to complete where you are not lecturing but having them complete a checklist for proof of knowledge and you are available to answer questions. We call ours “Getting to Know Tech at CASS” – SAMPLE  
  • SAMPLE of a Technology Orientation Page

Virtual Training

  • The checklist idea from physical training can definitely be incorporated here.
  • Utilize video. Get yourself an online video presence. Training does not always have to be synchronous. All of those questions you get all of the time, make them into quick tutorial videos for your teachers to access anywhere/anytime.

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