Simple Tips for Creating Video in the Classroom

Tech Coach Round Table Video Improvement

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan welcome an awesome panel of tech coaches to discuss using video with training teachers and teaching students. We discussed what we have learned, what our teachers have learned, and ideas for best practices.

Topics Discussed

  • What have we learned about creating video to instruct our teachers?
  • What have we learned about creating video to instruct our students?
  • New Teacher Orientation
  • What advice do we have for “newbies?”
    • Camera angle at or a bit above eye level
    • iPhone back camera is higher quality
    • Interesting background helpful
    • Light on your face
    • Stay closer to your audio source.
    • Be sure to look at your camera lens and not at yourself. Put an interesting picture/photo above your camera to focus on to look up at the camera.
    • Amazing New Drawing Tool: 
    • Making Great Looking Backgrounds
  • Have an idea of the look you want
    • Google Slides, other slides apps to add shapes, colors
    •; – images, videos that are copyright friendly to make backgrounds
    • The Noun Project – Starburst and Swirl icons to create alternate looks
    • Zoom – 16:9 dimension
    • Look in specs for platform you are using to determine background size

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