Can Classroom Robots be used to address Social and Emotional Learning?

Robotics for Social and Emotional Learning

In this episode of Beyond the Hour of Code, we DARE TO SHARE and we SHARE to CARE! Big slogans made of short words and the power of programming and robots to help your kids learn how to share jobs and resources in the classroom.

A side note last week I used this lesson in Kindergarten with the BeeBots and I said to the class, “The hardest thing about working with the BeeBots is NOT programming the robot, that is just pushing buttons. The hardest part of working with Bee Bots is-” and at this point I hear a soft voice, calling out, but not loudly “it is the sharing.”

This child was not in trouble because he was right. The sharing is the hardest part, and today we are going to talk about how to create a lesson and set expectations that help students learn from this sharing process.

 In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to help students share a BeeBot in a group of 4
  • How to use roles similar to literacy circles to help students manage turns and work in a robot group
  • How to create a space that makes it easy for kids to be successful (tape grids and whiteboards)

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About the author, Sam

Sam is Makerspace coordinator at Echo Horizon School, the nicest little school on Los Angeles' West Side. In the classroom since '02 Sam has taught grades PreK-12. Every lesson is a writing lesson.