How can New Google Slides features be used in your school?

Google Slides

This past week, Google Slides released some pretty amazing updates that are certainly going to be helpful for both teachers and tech coaches. On this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we take a look at these new features and how they can be used in your classroom.

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How can we use the following new features?

Grid View

Grid view allows users to see all of your slides in a multi-row, multi-column grid. This feature revolves nicely around another new feature where you can now mute slides so they don't appear in your final presentation. Let's face it, when your slides are on the left side of the screen, you only see a handful at a time. With your slides in a grid, you can quickly see more of them to rearrange and edit quicker.

Linking Slides

Many of us teach a class or subject that is also taught by another set of teachers. Or, perhaps a school leader is creating slides for a parent presentation and they want their school building leaders to embed that presentation on to THEIR slide decks. With a new slide-linking feature, users can create a set of slides and copy/paste them into another slide deck. When you hit the paste button, the new deck will give you an option to copy as is, or link the slides. When slides are linked, they act as one single slide. If you adjust one slide, the other deck gets adjusted as well. This is a game changer for anyone doing PD on a topic but uses that same set of slides for multiple presentations.

Timelines, Graphs, Charts

I recently had a horrible experience where a math teacher told me (several times) that Google and Math just do not work well together. This same teacher came up to me recently with a smile on their face and told me that the new ability to add and manipulate charts and graphs on their slides was a total game changer. To add a chart, simply go to the Insert menu and insert one of several beautifully designed templates onto your slide.

Resources and Demos from Free Tech for Teachers

Please share with us!

We would love to know how you are using Google Slides in your classroom. Please leave us a comment below and a link to your favorite slide deck.

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Recorded October 4, 2017

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