How to create the Ultimate Broadcasting Studio for your Podcast

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Jeff sits down with Mark Johnson from to discuss how your school can assemble a high-quality broadcasting studio.


StudioTech TV provides industry news, reviews and information for individuals and companies producing audio and video, especially for the internet.

Links of Interest

  • Europe: Mark Johnson – Twitter – @ttfntv
  • North America: Vance Willis – Twitter – @vancewillis

Topics Covered

  • About and StudioTech
  • Should we get into video production as a hobby?
  • What should the average person look for in-studio equipment?
  • What should a school district look for when selecting studio equipment?
  • Is there ever a good way to Future-Proof our studios?
  • Greenscreen vs Whitescreen vs Blackscreen
  • Broadcasting on a budget
  • Live Reads from the Principals Office

Featured Guest

Mark Johnson –


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